Proven on thousands of customer designs, Cadence VIP Catalog is your reliable one-stop shop.

The Cadence® Verification IP (VIP) Catalog and memory models are optimized for the IP, SoC, and system-level testing required for today's designs. The scalable Cadence VIP supports all stages of product development, including in-depth verification, multi-protocol system-on-chip SoC verification, and accelerated hardware-software system verification. All Cadence VIP come with Pureview automated configuration and TripleCheck™ IP Validator compliance suite for complete verification coverage of your IP within the SoC. Cadence VIP runs seamlessly on our Xcelium™ simulator, Palladium® Z1 emulation platforms, and any third-party simulator to speed up the verification process.

Verification IP (VIP) diagram

With Cadence leading-edge protocol support, you can be the first to market with the latest technology.

Shorten simulation run time

Optimized C-core VIP supporting all simulators, languages, and methodologies

Easy test writing

Consistent and open UVM API with built-in coverage model, sequences, and error injection

No silicon escapes

Most accurate and comprehensive protocol and timing checks

Verification test suite

Out-of-the-box comprehensive compliance verification suite for the latest protocols with TripleCheck

Simulation VIP Protocols

The Cadence VIP portfolio supports customers developing SoCs for automotive, hyperscale data center, and mobile applications:


The industry's most widely used AMBA VIP solution


VIP solutions for high-definition video interfaces


Providing the broadest number of Ethernet interfaces


Gold standard solution for verifying memory interfaces

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Providing the greatest selection of MIPI VIP


Complete verification solution for the PHY layer of complex protocols


Find VIP for many other popular interfaces

VIP Tools

Cadence VIP includes additional few tools to maximize team productivity:

VIP Configurator

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VIP Portal

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TripleCheck Test Suite

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RapidCheck Test Suite

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