Cadence® Denali® Memory and Storage IP solutions support the widest range of industry standards, with controller and PHY implementations for both high-performance and low-power applications. Cadence Storage IP has solution offerings for raw (unmanaged) and managed NAND flash, as well as NOR flash and novel memory architectures. Take advantage of widely used memory and storage protocols including the latest DDR, LPDDR, NAND Flash, Octal SPI, Quad SPI, and SD/SDIO/eMMC standards and get the added value of configurability and customization support for your specific needs.


Key Benefits

Support for NAND Flash Technologies

Supports advanced ONFI and Toggle standards with advanced ECC and hardware acceleration

Support for SD and e.MMC Technologies

Supports managed NAND devices in fixed and removable form-factors

Support for Quad SPI, Octal SPI, and xSPI

Supports NOR flash technology, execute in place (XIP), and novel storage media devices using an efficient and low-pin-count interface