Explore Power Integrity Early and Often

To help you quickly implement general topologies and standard interfaces, the Cadence® Sigrity™ SystemPI™ integrated with Cadence Celsius™ Advanced PTI performs automated source-to-sink power integrity analysis from a general-purpose topology exploration environment.

The highly flexible topology environment enables you to perform power integrity analysis from the voltage source to all the components receiving power from that source. The flexibility of the topology interface allows for early analysis to perform what-if analysis to help drive performance specifications across the multi-fabric power delivery network (PDN). As design work progresses, extracted PDN models can be swapped in to reflect the detail of design structures. Should a design fail during signoff, the flexibility of the topology environment can aid in identifying the source of the failure by swapping in and out ideal PDN models for sections of the PDN topology.

Key Benefits

Designs are on Time and on Budget

Reduces cost and time by identifying potential PDN problems early

Short Learning Curve

Simple block-based schematic editor to get started, supported by related Cadence tools

Source to Sink System-Level PDN Analysis

Visualize and simulate the entire PDN including VRM, PCB, package, interposer, and die

One-Stop PDN Analysis

Post-route AC analysis, IR drop analysis, and voltage ripple analysis from one environment



  • Utilizes the same trusted Sigrity power integrity engines found in tools used for layout-based analysis (i.e., Sigrity OptimizePI)
  • Compatible with PDN models extracted with Sigrity PowerSI and the Cadence Clarity™ 3D Solver, as well as other interconnect modeling tools
  • Supports die model generation or utilizes die models created with the Cadence Voltus™ IC Power Integrity Solution
  • Highly automated measurement and reporting capabilities