Planar EM Analysis

Cadence® AWR® AXIEM® 3D planar method-of-moments (MoM) electromagnetic (EM) analysis simulator addresses passive structures, transmission lines, large planar antennas, and patch arrays. AWR AXIEM analysis delivers the accuracy, capacity, and speed designers need to characterize and optimize passive components on RF PCBs, modules, LTCCs, MMICs, RFICs, and antennas.

The AXIEM Advantage


Perform in-situ analysis/design verification to fully characterize RF/microwave devices and ensure design success


Proprietary full-wave planar, open-boundary MoM technology provides discrete- and fast-frequency sweeps


Automatic adaptive meshing with advanced-hybrid meshing technology ensures reliable results

Features at a Glance

  • Extract – Schematic-driven EM extraction technology/design flow

  • Layout/Drawing Editor – 2D and 3D views with shape modifiers/de-featuring

  • MoM Solver – Proprietary full-wave planar, open-boundary MoM technology

  • Meshing Technology – Automatic advanced-hybrid adaptive meshing

  • Sources – Numerous excitation ports

  • Visualization – Field visualization, as well as results post-processing

  • Parametric Studies – Optimization, tuning, and yield analysis

  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) – Multi-core configurations and asynchronous simulation 

AWR technology is also available with Cadence OnCloud Platform

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RF and microwave design workflows require high-frequency solutions. Utilize the best solutions with powerful, integrated circuit, system, and electromagnetic (EM) software from Cadence.

  • Circuit design software for accurate RF/microwave simulation
  • 3D planar EM analysis for S-parameter extraction and design verification
  • System simulation and modeling for wireless communications and radar systems

90 hours. Named user license.

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    AXIEM analysis delivers the accuracy, capacity, and speed designers need to characterize and optimize passive components on RF PCBs, modules, LTCCs, MMICs, RFICs, and antennas.

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