3DEM Analysis

Cadence® AWR® Analyst 3D finite-element method (FEM) electomagnetic (EM) simulation and analysis simulator accelerates high-frequency product development from early physical design characterization through to full 3DEM verification. The advanced solver technology provides fast and accurate analysis of the 3D structures/interconnects found in today's complex high-frequency electronics.

Key Benefits


In-situ analysis enables full characterization of 3D components in RF/microwave devices to ensure design success


Parametric cell (PCell) support for 3D structures enables an FEM-based design flow that incorporates accurate, custom component libraries


Automatic, adaptive 3D volumetric tetrahedron-based meshing provides high-quality shape fidelity to ensure reliable simulation results

Features at a Glance

  • Extract – Schematic-driven EM extraction technology/design flow

  • Layout/Drawing Editor – 2D and 3D construction and views

  • FEM Solver – Proprietary, full-wave direct and interative solvers

  • Meshing Technology – Automatic, adaptive 3D volumetric tetrahedron-based meshing

  • Sources – Numerous excitations for ports

  • Visualization – 2D- and 3D-field visualization, as well as results post-processing

  • Parametric Studies – Optimization, tuning, and yield analysis

  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) – Multi-core configurations and asynchronous simulation