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PSpice for Mixed-Signal and Reliability Simulation

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PSpice has been an industry standard with its massive model library and powerful simulation capacities for both manufacturing optimization and mixed-signal designs.

SPICE Simulation Has Been an Industry Staple for Decades, so Why Risk Your Design’s Success with Anything Other than the Industry-Defining Solution PSpice?

PSpice is the gold standard for design analysis. With defining features such as component tolerance analysis, manufacturability, sensitivity and even advanced systems simulation links with MATLAB, PSpice is assured to provide exactly what you need to determine where your design should go next. Furthermore, with a 35,000 model library and growing by the month, you can stop wasting time building out known components and get right into the applications and dynamics that really make engineering interesting.

As part of the implementation bundle, the simulation capabilities of PSpice are directly tied into access to PCB and package design software to ensure ease of transition to layout.     

PSpice Simulates Both Analog and Digital Devices as Well as ADCs and DACs


Alongside its longevity, PSpice has developed truly unique capabilities that set it apart from other SPICE simulators in its mixed-signal simulation capacity.

Analysis in time, frequency, and DC domains, analog and digital worst-case signal simulations, and Monte Carlo analysis augment capabilities in non-linear magnetics and transmission line modeling to ensure full signal simulation.

Prototyping and Design for Manufacturing Best Practices Can Take Any Engineer Far in the Necessary Equipage for Production

A tough task for any designer is the challenge of moving from idea to product. What PSpice offers for production, though, are simulation and analysis capabilities like manufacturing reliability, yield and cost analysis, design optimization, and component tolerance runs.


Models Cannot Be Overstated in Their Importance Toward Speeding Up Design, Development, and Analysis Processes in Any Production Cycle


With more technology being developed alongside existing components and parameters, utilize access to a readily available 35,000+ model library of current passive and active components to reference.

Build around in your designs means less days spent crafting your own libraries and more time spent perfecting and resolving the more intricate and interesting design challenges that makes engineering work so fun to begin with.

Available from Cadence

Allegro PSpice

Reclaim your design processes from wasted time and slow tools with an array of advanced circuit simulation, performance optimizing capabilities, and electro-mechanical simulation profiles. Whether you’re looking after clean energy, automotive development, EMI compliance standards, or power semiconductor materials, trust PSpice to take you across the finish line.

PSpice Designer Plus

Perform electrical, mechanical, and system-level simulations with ease in the full PSpice environment alongside MATLAB access for analysis and data visualization. Utilize the extraordinary library of electrical parts and mechanical models for electrical simulations toward non-linearities and other real-world effects and more system-level simulations.

Features from Circuit to Storefront

System-Level Analysis

Between both electrical simulations and mechanical models, perform and analyze the signal, production, and reliability data throughout your designs.

Reliability and Fault Tolerant Analysis

Save cost, design for component tolerances and real-world environment optimization, and determine accurate yield assessments within advanced PSpice analysis options. 

Cross-Industry-Compliant Certifications

PSpice is exceedingly qualified for precision electronics, consumer or high-power industrial equipment, high-reliability equipment, and ISO 26262 compliance.

Empower Any Size Team

Reduce your total need for physical prototypes and utilize virtual prototyping to optimize your design, reduce cost, and achieve success. 

Implement Any Design on Any
Production Schedule

Refuse to meet deadlines again. Exceed them with our choice selection of premium package and PCB design tools as well as analysis and optimization workflows.  

System Capture

Innovative team design capabilities to ensure concurrent workflows can update without interruption.


Signals, power integrity, interconnect optimization and more simulation capabilities.

Allegro PCB

Enable data-fueled, full board design enablement for any team size and product workflow.

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Cadence OnCloud Platform for the Allegro PCB Design

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Empower your schematic and circuit design capabilities with crisp layout tools paired with our system design and analysis strategy to provide access to integrated in-design analysis.

  • Smart schematic design with empowered design rules
  • Integrated simulation and in-design analysis for optimization suggestions
  • Reliability verification in a comprehensive layout tool for product signoff

200 hours. Named user license.

USD $1,500/mo

150 Tokens

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