The Cadence® Tensilica® Fusion F1 DSP offers the lowest energy, small footprint, high-performance control and signal processing best fit for narrowband wireless communication, always-on, IoT, and wearables applications. The Fusion F1 DSP is very efficient in running communications standards typically associated with IoT device communications, such as Bluetooth LE, Thread, and Zigbee using IEEE 802.15.4, SmartGrid 802.15.4g, WiFi 802.11n and 802.11ah, 2G and LTE Category 0 release 12 and 13, and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). The Fusion F1 DSP also is suitable for designs in voice trigger, voice recognition, face trigger, context-aware sensor fusion, and similar applications.

Fusion F1 DSP
Fusion F1 DSP

Key Benefits

ISO26262:2018 Compliant

ASIL-compliant certified and equipped with both hardware and software safety mechanisms

Ultra-Low Energy

Best fit for always-on applications and battery-powered devices

Small Footprint and High Performance

High-performance control and signal processing balanced with excellent PPA for a broad range of applications

Extensible and Configurable

Customizable instruction set promotes differentiation and performance enhancement


  • Certified ISO 26262:2018 ASIL-compliant
  • AES-128 acceleration
  • Viterbi for WiFi and LTE
  • Acceleration for ITU/ETSI voice codec
  • Fixed-point MAC and floating-point FMA
  • Versatile for a broad segment of IoT, wearable, and NB wireless communications designs
  • TIE for easy extension and further performance enhancement
  • Optimized libraries and application examples for easy software development


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