The Cadence® IP for 10Gbps Multi-Protocol PHY IP is a lower active and low leakage power design crafted for mobile, IoT, consumer, and automotive designs. The PHY IP is designed for multi-protocols running on a single PHY macro and is compliant with USB 3.1, PCI Express® (PCIe®) 3.1, DisplayPort TX v1.4, Embedded DisplayPort TX v1.4b, SATA 3, 10G-KR and QSGMII/SGMII specifications. The PCS complies with the PIPE 4.x interfaces and supports dynamic equalization features of different protocols. ​


Key Benefits

Multi-Protocol with Multi-Link Capability

Single-PHY macro offers optimum SoC configurability with the protocol mix and match

Optimized Performance, Power, and Area

Best fit for the application's required performance with small footprint

Comprehensive Test Feature Enables Rapid SoC Development

Extensive BIST and DFT enable ease of integration, faster bring-up, and quick debugging


  • Supports PCIe 3.1, USB 3.1, DP-TX v1.4/eDP-TX v1.4b, SATA 3, 10G-KR and QSMII/SGMII
  • Multi-protocol support for simultaneous independent links
  • Supports SRIS and internal SSC generation
  • Supports PCIe L1 sub-states
  • Automatic calibration of on-chip termination resistors
  • Supports internal and external clock sources with clock active detection
  • SCAN, BIST, and serial/parallel loopback functions