Cadence® PHY IP for PCI Express® (PCIe®) 5.0 is a high-performance SerDes configurable to operate from 1.25Gbps to 32Gbps in NRZ mode. This state-of-the-art PHY is designed specifically for infrastructure and data center applications. The SerDes’s ultra-long-reach equalization and robust clock-data recovery capabilities allow it to achieve unparalleled performance and reliability.  In addition, the SerDes IP features low data path latency and low power consumption, making it ideal for deployment in time-sensitive applications in high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), networking, and storage systems.


Key Benefits

Power-Efficient Design

Best-in-class power, performance, and area at PCIe 5.0 max data rates with lowest L1.2 standby power


Highly configurable PHY with support for PCIe, CXL, 25G-KR, 10G-KR, SGMII, and common electrical standards such as CEI-11G/28G

Ease of use

Fully verified, pre-integrated IP delivery, with package and signal integrity support and firmware for faster bring-up


  • Low-latency, long-reach, and low-power modes
  • Wide range of protocols that support networking, storage, and computing applications
  • Advanced equalization and clock-data-recovery to deliver unmatched channel loss handling performance and reliability
  • Eye Surf —provides convenient access to an integrated non-destructive real-time eye scope and BER bathtub curve to monitor the bit error rate (BER) and the link performance during live traffic
  • Comprehensive set of diagnostic and test features is embedded and easily accessible by the user to accelerate silicon bring-up and simplify troubleshooting
  • Extensive set of isolation, test modes, and loop-backs including APB and JTAG
  • Supports PIPE 5.2 standard
  • Built-in support for 1x16 to 16x1 modes of operation