MIPI DSI Transmitter

Compliant with the MIPI® Alliance Specification for Display Serial Interface (DSIsm), the Cadence® TX Controller IP for DSI provides the interface from a host device graphics controller to one or more display modules and includes an arbitration layer for arbitrating among the various data and command streams, a DSI protocol layer for protocol functions, and a lane management layer (LML) to distribute the DSI data stream across the active D-PHYsm lane modules.

MIPI DSI Tx Controller Block Diagram

Key Benefits

Flexible Interface Options

Including support for DPI, SDI, and DSC

Flexible Command Mode Support

APB interface or SDI

Automotive Version Available

With safety manual and FMEDA


  • Compliant with MIPI DSI v1.3.1, supporting Command Mode, Video Mode, and bi-directional low-power data transmission (LPDT)

  • Range of Display Formats Supported. Cadence Serial Display Interface (SDI), MIPI Display Pixel Interface (DPIsm), and Display Compression (DSC) input interface option

  • Programmable Test Video Generator with integration debug and test