The Cadence® UltraLink™ Die-to-Die (D2D) PHY enables SoC providers to deliver more customized solutions that offer higher performance and yields while also shortening development cycles and reducing costs through greater IP reuse.

It is a mature solution that is silicon proven in multiple foundries and different process nodes.


Key Benefits

Ultra-Low Latency

Optimized for latency-sensitive applications

High Performance

40Gbps wire speed delivers up to 1Tbps/mm unidirectional bandwidth

Cost Effective

Supports multi-chip module on organic substrates


  • Innovative mixed-signal architecture to achieve high bandwidth, ultra low latency and low power 
  • Flexible data rate from 20Gbps to 40Gbps 
  • Built-in self-test features to ensure “known good die” 
  • Interoperable between different technology nodes and foundries 
  • Easy routing and straightforward integration 
  • Achieves better than 10-15 bit error rate (BER) without requiring forward error correction (FEC) 
  • Integrated scrambling and lane de-skew functionality 
  • Supports -40ºC to 125ºC industrial temperature range