To help you get started with Cadence Sigrity signal and power integrity technology, the Sigrity Starter Kit provides access to popular and easy-to-use workflows that are available in advanced tools including Sigrity PowerSI and Celsius PowerDC.

The robust layout workbench environment enables you to easily read PCB and IC Package layout files from Cadence and other popular layout tools and quickly screen designs for signal and power integrity problems.

The same detailed report data generated by the advanced tools are available in the Starter Kit. Once you are familiar with the Starter Kit workflows, it is easy to add on additional technology to perform more advanced analyses, such as thermal-aware power integrity, and power-aware signal integrity.

The Sigrity Starter Kit scanning a PCB for impedance discontinuities
The Sigrity Starter Kit scanning a PCB for impedance discontinuities
Layout Workbench, screenshot 1
Layout Workbench, screenshot 2
Layout Workbench, screenshot 3

Key Benefits

Designs are on time and on budget

Reduces cost and time by identifying signal and power integrity problems before building a prototype

Short learning curve

All workflows are easily accessible from the unified layout workbench

Trusted technology

Workflows include commonly used screening/simulation technology from popular tools such as PowerDC, PowerSI, and SPEED2000 in a single product

One-stop SI/PI analysis

Simple workflows to analyze IR drop, impedance, coupling, reflection, and crosstalk


  • Utilizes the same trusted Sigrity signal and power integrity engines and workflows found in popular advanced tools
  • Generate detailed reports that can be shared with layout teams to correct layout problems causing SI and PI problems
  • Compatible with Cadence layout tools as well as layout from other EDA vendors