Consolidating RF Flow for High-Frequency RF Product Designs

Cadence® Virtuoso® RF Solution provides a single, well-integrated design flow that addresses the challenges of collaborating across design teams to produce the next generation of high-frequency RFIC, RF modules, and multi-chip modules. Virtuoso RF Solution addresses the challenges of RF systems by tightly integrating all the needed tools into a comprehensive design environment and flow. 


Advanced Single Design Environment Provides Simulation, Layout, Analysis, and Verification

Reduce Failures

Co-design environment eliminates design failures caused by manual data translation

Improve Productivity

Saves design time using simultaneous editing of module and chip layouts with multi-PDK support

Smart Integration

Integrates parasitic extraction and electromagnetic (EM) solvers plus interoperability of Cadence packaging and layout technologies

Automate Manual Work for Faster, More Accurate Designs 

Built on the Virtuoso System Design Platform, Virtuoso RF Solution incorporates new co-design capabilities for simultaneous editing of the IC and SiP module. Its multiple EM analysis solvers give designers different methods of physical extraction that can easily be entered back into the schematic without breaking the golden schematic. The trusted simulation and analysis engines are tightly integrated with Virtuoso ADE Product Suite and Cadence Spectre® RF Option for high-performance simulation. 

Electromagnetic Analysis

The integration of multiple EM solvers into the Virtuoso RF Solution design environment automates the hours of manual work required to run critical passive component and interconnects, enabling you to run multiple design experiments in a fraction of the time. You can choose the best EM solver for your design including Cadence’s Clarity™ 3D Solver, EMX® Planar 3D Solver, and Quantus™ Extraction Solution. 

Edit in Concert

The Edit-in-Concert technology in Virtuoso RF Solution lets you edit across layouts and view the changes immediately at the system level within the environment. It enables RFIC and SiP module designers to edit the layout design in the context of all ICs on the module or other fabrics (chip, module, board), making sure connectivity between bumps or bond wires is always correct, manufacturable, and accurate.

RF Simulation

Built on silicon-proven simulation engines, the Spectre RF Option provides a wide range of analyses and verification, including harmonic balance and shooting Newton engines for high-performance simulation of linear and non-linear RF circuits, fast envelope modeling technology, and high-capacity simulation of S-parameter data.


Cadence AWR® software products offer a leading front-to-back monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) design flow with an innovative user interface and complete integration of design entry, simulation, and physical design tools that enhances engineering productivity and ensures first-pass success. Virtuoso custom IC layout design tools accelerate your physical layout implementation productivity, enabling you to achieve faster design convergence with higher quality and more differentiated silicon.


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