FastSPICE Simulation

Today's complex memory and SoC designs need high accuracy and fast simulation to function as intended and meet chip specifications. It's essential to include post-layout parasitics in the chip verification process, especially for advanced-node designs, to account for layout effects on chip functionality. Leveraging a FastSPICE engine built from the ground up, the Cadence® Spectre® FX Simulator delivers performance and accuracy improvements for full-chip and subsystem-level designs.

Key Benefits

Performance Gains

Up to 3X speed up over the latest FastSPICE simulators while delivering equal or better accuracy and high capacity


Up to 32 cores with multi-threading to parallelize transient simulations for improved productivity

Easy to Use

Out-of-the-box, intuitive use model requires minimal tuning for optimal accuracy/performance balance

Ease of Adoption

Seamless integration into Cadence Virtuoso® ADE Product Suite provides easy adoption into Spectre and SPICE flows

Expanded Verification

Extensive verification capabilities and comprehensive analyses


  • Comprehensive analyses and verification capabilities – Static and dynamic circuit checking, alters, sweeps, and Monte Carlo analyses expand the scope of verification beyond functionality, timing, and power checks
  • Easy-to-use presets – Four easy-to-use presets allow quick tradeoffs across performance, capacity, and accuracy without having to tinker inside the engine
  • Post-layout simulation – High capacity and advanced RC reduction handle 10s of millions of RC parasitics in DSPF, SPEF, and extracted SPICE formats with both direct-inclusion and parasitic back-annotation capabilities
  • Debugging capabilities – Debugging capabilities to find and fix design problems quickly and effectively, including Tcl interactive mode for run time debugging and Save-Restore to save computation time
  • Built on top of Spectre framework – Easily consumes all the device models qualified by the world’s foundries to provide continuity with the rest of the solvers in the Spectre Simulation Platform