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Semiconductor Design

Electronics technology is proliferating to new, creative applications and appearing in our everyday lives. To compete, system companies are increasingly designing their own semiconductor chips, and semiconductor companies are delivering software stacks to enable substantial differentiation of their products.

Electronics Systems

Optimizing semiconductor devices for their targeted applications started in mobile devices and is now moving into cloud computing, automotive, and other areas. Each application has different environmental conditions and constraints, requiring optimization of the silicon performance in the context of the system, as well as the system itself, across the boundaries of hardware and software, analog and digital, electrical, and mechanical.

Intelligent Systems

In addition, many companies are introducing intelligent computation in their systems, which is creating a confluence of semiconductor design, system design, and system intelligence design. Sometimes this computation is performed in the cloud, but increasingly it is implemented at the edge.

Intelligent System Design Elements

To power the technologies and products of the future, the world’s most creative companies require end-to-end solutions across chips, IP, packages, PCBs, and systems to meet demanding design requirements and deliver extraordinary products. Cadence has evolved to address these changes and has formulated the Intelligent System Design™ strategy for delivering its world-class computational software capabilities across all aspects of the design of electronic systems. Our strategy extends in three dimensions: