Best-in-class PIPE PHY Verification IP for your IP, SoC and, system-level design testing.

The Cadence® PIPE PHY Verification IP (VIP) provides a mature, highly capable verification solution for the PHY layer of complex protocols such as PCIe 3/4/5, USB-3.x, USB-4, DisplayPort and SATA at the Intel PIPE (PHY Interface for PCI Express*, SAA, USB-3, DisplayPort, and Converged IO Architectures). The VIP supports simulation platform and enables metric-driven verification of IP and System on Chip (SoC) designs against PIPE PHY protocol specifications. PIPE PHY VIP is compatible with the industry-standard Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) and supports all leading simulators.

Supported Specifications: Intel PIPE version 4.3, 4.4,1 and 5.2 specifications.

PIPE PHY diagram

Product Highlights

  • Support testbench language interfaces for SystemVerilog, UVM, OVM, e, and SystemC
  • Runs on all major simulators such as Xcelium, VCS, or MTI
  • Extensive PHY-level timing checks
  • Ability to drive protocol-aware and protocol-agnostic traffic for exhaustive testing
  • Built-in scoreboard for analyzing receive path, transmit path and loopback
  • Control over jitter, Spread Spectrum Clock and Bit Error Rate
  • Multi-Lane PHY Support

Key Features

The following table describes key features from the specifications that are implemented in the VIP:

Feature Name


Device Type

  • PipeXceiver
  • SerialXceiver
  • PHYDUT Monitor
  • PHY Active VIP

PHY Architecture

  • Original PIPE architecture
  • SerDes Architecture

Pin Interface

  • Legacy Pin Interface
  • Low Pin Count Interface

Protocols Mode

  • USB 3.x
  • PCIe 3/4/5
  • USB4
Data Transmission Rate
  • USB 3.x: 5GT/s, 10GT/s
  • USB4: 10 GT/s. 20 GT/s, 10.3125 GT/s, 20.625 GT/s
  • PCIe: 2.5 GT/s, 5.0 GT/s, 8.0 GT/s, 16.0 GT/s,32.0 GT/s

Clock Support

  • External Bit Clock
  • Internal Bit Clock (Recovery from Serial bit stream)

PCLK Modes

  • PCLK as PHY Input
  • PCLK as PHY Output
  • PCLK as both


  • Supported

PIPE Data Width

  • 8/10, 16/20, 32/40 and 64/80 bit

Message Bus

  • M2P and P2M Transactions supported
  • All Message bus commands supported
  • Write Uncommitted
  • Write Committed
  • Read
  • Read Completion
  • Write ACK

Integrated Mode with Protocol VIP

  • USB3 , USB4, including Pipe
  • Phy Integrated Mode, is supported





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