Gold standard and functional sign-off for your memory IP.

Proven on thousands of customer designs for more than 20 years.

IoT, data centers, AI, networking, autonomous vehicles, cryptocurrency infrastructure, and the like are making data a critical asset in today’s business dynamics. These vertical segments are creating an explosion of data requirements and are necessitating a shift in system architectures. Industries are entering the dawn of a major inflection point where memory systems are required to process data compliant to ever-changing protocol standards and optimize application-specific bandwidth, latency, throughput, and power specifications. This change is increasing the complexity and risk related to ensuring a new system design can be made available in the correct market window with the correct technology and an architecture that ensures market leadership.

Battling the memory bandwidth bottleneck requires advanced verification of memory models with high accuracy and completeness. Our product expertise and support are second to none, and companies from market leaders to startups have become dependent on this support to ensure their timelines and quality metrics are met or exceeded. Partner with us early in your development cycle to mitigate your risk of silicon escapes.

Cadence® Memory Models are the gold standard solution for verifying memory interfaces and ensuring system correctness. Used by more than 500 customers for functional signoff, Cadence Memory Models provide support for 10,000 memories spanning 100 memory interface types and 85 memory manufacturers available in Cadence

Memory Model VIP dramatically enhances verification by enabling you to observe and operate on system-level data transactions during simulation. This approach is key to optimizing regressions and accelerating your overall verification process.

Memory Models diagram

Memory Models with high accuracy and completeness. With Cadence leading-edge protocol support, you can be first to market with the latest technology.

Project risks reduction

Reduce risk with high-quality, vendor-certified memory models for pre-silicon verification

Efficient project resources

ocus resources on proprietary added value by offloading verification standard interfaces

Cadence expertise

Leverage extensive Cadence verification expertise actively participating in JEDEC and other memory standard bodies to ensure highest quality

Out-of-the-art verification capabilities

Advanced verification and debugging capabilities

Second source evaluation

Verify design operation across multiple second-source memory options


Support for all commercial verification tools, languages, and methodologies

Memory VIP Protocols

The Cadence® Memory Model portfolio supports customers developing SoCs for automotive, hyperscale data center, and mobile applications: