Developing Robust High-Speed Products

  • Cadence® Sigrity™ provides high-speed system designers with the most comprehensive, end-to-end, in-design interconnect modeling, signal and power integrity simulation for PCB and IC packages.
  • Sigrity technology helps reduce design re-spins by detecting and addressing power-aware SI and power ripple due to signal switching.

Key Benefits

Minimize Design Re-spins

Early detection of power-aware SI and signal switching-related power ripple analysis in advanced PCB and IC packages

Signoff Accuracy

Works in tandem with signoff accurate Cadence Clarity™ 3D Solver for advanced PCB and IC package designs

Integration to Implementation

Supports the Allegro® PCB constraint-driven flow and seamlessly integrates with Allegro Package Designer Plus

Product Categories

Signal Integrity

Including power-aware signal integrity analysis for PCBs and IC packages

Interconnect Extraction

Most commonly used interconnect extraction and modeling of PCB and IC Packages