Accelerate Time to Market and Lower Design Risk Through AI-Driven MDAO

The Cadence Optimality Intelligent System Explorer is multiphysics optimization software, enabling multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO) realization of electronic systems. With the increasing complexity of electronic system design and greater performance requirements, Optimality Explorer breaks through the limitations of the conventional human-intensive process by delivering a simulation and analysis workflow that results in the optimal design fast and efficiently. By replacing a traditional interactive flow of design, test, and refine loop, Optimality Explorer, with its artificial intelligence (AI)-driven MDAO technology, results in the optimal system design solution expeditiously and without compromising accuracy.

Pioneered by the AI capabilities first introduced to the market in Cadence Cerebrus, Optimality Explorer is an industry-first, AI-enabled MDAO in-design multiphysics system analysis solution covering the IC, package, and PCB as well as throughout the complete electronic system. It enables design engineers to explore 3D electromagnetic (EM) and high-speed signal and power integrity results and zero in on the optimal design.

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Driving ~10X Productivity Gains by Exploring the Full Design Space for the Optimal Electrical Design

Parametric sweeps consume large amounts of analysis time and computational resources. Design engineers need an intelligent, accurate, and easy-to-use simulation and analysis solution that reduces repetitive design cycles while increasing user productivity and efficiency. Leveraged by advanced AI-enabled methodology, Optimality Explorer delivers quality results leading to optimal performance of electrical systems. These benefits include:

Design Insight

Enables design engineers to determine optimal electrical performance, keeping away from suboptimal local minima and maxima, while mapping massive variations for increased considerations and exploration of the complete design space

Greater Productivity

Empowers design engineers and teams to efficiently achieve optimized system-level designs and boosts productivity by on average 10 faster when compared to manual, exhaustive, brute-force parametric table studies

Intuitive UI

Lets designers quickly learn, use, and adopt Optimality Explorer from the Clarity and Sigrity X environments for fast invocation of MDAO

Extensible Solution

Allows users to extend this machine-learning optimization solution across Cadence’s multiphysics technologies with an integrated and comprehensive simulation solution

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What is MDAO?

Multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO) is a methodology for driving system-level design process and the optimal performance by extensively and comprehensively considering physical structures and electrical behaviors of designs, resulting in systems with superior performance while minimizing the required computational time. See what our subject expert says See what our subject expert says


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