Tensilica FloatingPoint DSPs with Low Energy Consumption and Excellent Performance Per Area

Cadence® Tensilica® FloatingPoint KP1/KP6 DSPs provide high-performance floating-point computation throughput with low energy consumption and small area footprint. The configurability and extensibility of Tensilica FloatingPoint KP1/KP6 DSPs give the SoC designers flexibility to configure a floating-point DSP that meets their performance requirements with low energy and small area budgets. Tensilica FloatingPoint KP1/KP6 DSPs are optimized for applications in battery-operated devices, AI/ML, AR/VR, motor control, smart sensors, sensor fusion, ADAS, autonomous driving, etc.

FloatingPoint KP1/KP6 DSPs
FloatingPoint KP1/KP6 DSPs

Key Benefits

Performance, Power, and Area

DSPs with exceptional PPA specifically designed for floating-point-centric processing

Ultra-Low Energy and Small

High performance with low energy consumption and small area


ISA consistent with super-high performance Tensilica FloatingPoint KQ7/KQ8 DSPs

Software Portability

Common floating-point ISA promotes easy software migration between DSPs

Extensible and Configurable

Customizable instruction set promotes differentiation and performance enhancement


  • VLIW parallelism issuing multiple concurrent operations per cycle
  • Xtensa LX Secure Mode
  • 128-bit and 512-bit SIMD
  • IEEE 754 vector floating-point
  • Performance optimized fused multiply-add (FMA)
  • 8b/16b/32b/64b integer ALU operations
  • Optimized for FFT operations
  • Enhanced complex data processing
  • Superior auto vectorization support
  • TIE for easy extension and further performance enhancement
  • Optimized Eigen, NatureDSP, Math, and SLAM libraries for easy software development


Cadence 通过自身的 Tensilica 处理器 IP 融合了业界领导者的一流产品和服务,可帮助您加快系统级芯片设计的开发,同时达到严苛的功耗和性能要求。浏览下方的 Tensilica 处理器 IP 服务合作伙伴列表。



Cadence 致力于在 Tensilica 处理器系列中实现功能安全应用,无论是现成可用的处理器/DSP IP,还是针对特定应用的、支持定制化的特定域处理器


Tensilica 处理器技术










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