The Cadence® IP for MIPI® D-PHYsm integrates a high-speed transmitter/receiver, low-power transmitter/receiver, and low-power contention detector that provide the full function of D-PHY. Our IP has an integrated PPI interface for ease-of-integration with MIPI CSI-2 and DSI controllers.

The IP for MIPI D-PHY provides lane flexibility with a compact and rectangular IP footprint, meeting usage models of modern SoCs. The pre-integrated CSI-2 and DSI solution ensures the interoperability and makes this PHY easy to integrate, shortening the product's time to market.

MIPI D PHY IP block diagram new web

MIPI D-PHY Block Diagram

Key Benefits

Available as Pre-Integrated Solution with Controller

Cadence CSI-2 and DSI supported

Scalable, Modular Design

Compact and regular footprint

Supports Advanced FinFET Processes

16nm, 12nm, and 7nm processes supported


  • Multiple Configurations Possible. TX-only (with integrated PLL), RX-only, and combined TX and RX configurations

  • Complete Function for HS TX/RX, LP TX/RX, and LPCD with automatic termination control for high-speed and low-power modes

  • Integrated BIST Capable of producing and checking PRBS, CRPAT, and CJTPAT

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