Compliant with the MIPI® I3C® specification and legacy compatible with the I2C specification, the Cadence® Controller IP for MIPI I3C is engineered to quickly and easily integrate into any mobile embedded SoC device and expand sensor communication capabilities with better performance and power efficiency. The MIPI I3C Controller contains the capability to be either the Initiator/Host or the Target on the I3C bus.

Key Benefits

Superior Performance-to-Power Ratio

Compared to established sensor interfaces - I2C, SPI

Complete Solution

Contains the capability to be either the Initiator/Host/M or the Target/S on the I3C bus

Supports Legacy Interfaces

I2C mode supported


  • 支持多种传输模式: 单数据速率 (SDR) 和高数据速率 (HDR)
  • 支持 I3C 通用命令代码
  • 支持动态地址分配 (DAA)