Cadence is a leader in semiconductor IP addressing hyperscale computing, enterprise, data center, automotive, and artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML) applications. The memory IP portfolio spans DDR, LPDDR, GDDR, and HBM protocols, and our family of IP for PCI Express® includes support for PCIe® 6.0/5.0/4.0/3.0/2.0/1.1 as well as CXL. The high-speed SerDes in 112G and 56G address the needs of hyperscalers designing products for 400G and 800G networks as well as 5G basestations. Our die-to-die connectivity products address multi-chip, multi-die implementation in 2.5D interposer packages and are ideally suited for the disaggregated CPUs, GPUs, and complex heterogenous SoCs that are pushing the limits of Moore’s Law.

With our continued strong investment in IP development, Cadence is in a unique position to support all your IP needs to accelerate the deployment of next-generation intelligent systems.

PCI Express and Compute Express Link

PCIe Controller and PHY IP for HPC, Cloud, AI/ML, Storage, Mobile, and Automotive Applications

Chiplet and Die to Die (D2D) Connectivity

Accelerating the deployment advanced multi-chip systems in high performance computing

Interface IP

Ethernet, MIPI and USB IP


Products ranging from 10/100Mbps to multi-lane solutions for 10Gbps and above

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Broad portfolio of MIPI Alliance-compliant, silicon-proven IP for MIPI standards 

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Complete subsystem offering with controller, PHY, and firmware 

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Denali Memory Interface and Storage IP

The most wide-ranging and configurable memory and storage IP