Date EVENT NAME TECHNOLOGY Location Event Type
02 Aug 2022 - 05 Aug 2022

Flash Memory Summit 2022

Verification IP Santa Clara, California} Industry Conference
02 Aug 2022 - 05 Aug 2022

VLSI Design/CAD Symposium 2022 (Taiwan)

VLSI Design/CAD Symposium 2022 will be held virtually this year from August 2 to August 5. Cadence experts are excited to deliver one invited talk and one technical presentation to show you more about EDA and how Cadence plays a role in this industry. Welcome to visit and get closer to knowing more about Cadence from our virtual booth and speeches.

Digital Design Online Industry Conference
27 Jul 2022

CadenceTECHTALK: Why Meshing Complex Marine Geometries Has Never Been So Easy

Witness the next generation of meshing for marine applications: Mesh any geometry at the highest level of accuracy and speed, guaranteed. Register for the webinar. In this 30-minute webinar focusing on marine applications, we present various new meshing features that will accelerate your workflow at all levels, from CAD preparation to mesh analysis, creating a solid basis for high-accuracy CFD simulation.

CFD Online
15 Jul 2022

CadenceLIVE Japan 2022

CadenceLIVE Japan 2022 will be held on July 15 at Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu. It features peer presentations that offer solutions for today’s design challenges that will impact tomorrow’s products.

All Yokohama, Japan Cadence Event
13 Jul 2022

CadenceTECHTALK: Digital Engineering Best Practices for Aerospace and Defense

Watch this CadenceTECHTALK™ webinar, where senior group director, solutions & ecosystems Frank Schirrmeister will discuss how commercial electronics hardware companies use cutting-edge design techniques to ensure that their hardware/software designs work as intended prior to fabrication.

CFD, Aerospace and Defense Online Cadence Event
11 Jul 2022 - 12 Jul 2022

2022 Cadence中国技术巡回研讨会—深圳站

2022 CadenceCONNECT: China Technology Day is coming soon! This year we will hold seminar in many cities including Shenzhen site. Cadence will bring you best practices and ideas. Come and join in us!

System Analysis, PCB Design, Verification Shenzhen
07 Jul 2022

CadenceTECHTALK: Driving Low-Power Design with High-Level Synthesis

Discover how to drive low-power design with high-level synthesis. Join us for a webinar that shows you how to optimize your design techniques for low power while meeting performance goals. Register today.

Low-Power Design, Digital Design Online Cadence Event
30 Jun 2022

CadenceTECHTALK:Fidelity AutoMesh — 极速化前处理

In this CadenceTECHTALK, we will show you advantages of Cadence Fidelity CFD software. Please join in us for 1 hour free webinar

CFD Online
22 Jun 2022

CadenceTECHTALK: Discover Fidelity CFD Software for Faster, High-Accuracy Multiphysics Simulation

Discover how Cadence® Fidelity™ CFD Software accelerates and optimizes your design flows. Join this webinar to learn how Fidelity unites all the compelling technologies a CFD engineer needs to simulate the performance of multiphysics systems in a streamlined workflow. Fidelity offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for multiple vertical markets, including automotive, turbomachinery, marine, aerospace, and more.

CFD Online Cadence Event
21 Jun 2022

CadenceTECHTALK: Solutions to Detect Design Errors Early to Reduce Design Iterations

Watch this webinar recording to learn about preventing methods of signal integrity issues and how our signal integrity tool, Sigrity™ Aurora, can help you identify the ideal corrective action efficiently to solve fundamental problems.

Sigrity Online Cadence Event