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Issue 1

Welcome to Issue 1 of the Cadence NewsLink
We hope you find this digest of news and other recently published information to be a useful resource and convenient way to keep up with what's new at Cadence.

Functional Verification

Verification IP (VIP)
Expanded Verification IP Portfolio - Product Info
OVM Compliant, Multi-Language Verification IP - Product Info
MIPI Verification IP Available Now - Product Info
VIP Following OVM Frees Users to Choose SystemVerilog and e - Blog
Metric Driven Verification, Methodology and Management
VMM Users — Welcome to the OVM! - Blog
Learn About MDV With Hands On Workshops - Blog
Maximize your Verification Throughput with Incisive Enterprise Manager - Product Info
'Team Specman' Blog exclusively for e and Specman - Blog
Michael Stellfox on Verification Methodology of all types - Blog
Adam Sherer on OVM - Blog
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System Design and Verification

Jason Andrews on System Level Verification - Blog
EDN names Cadence C-to-Silicon Compiler Hot Product of 2008 - Cadence Article
Cadence Expands C-to-Silicon Compiler with High-level Synthesis Support for Altera and Xilinx FPGAs - Press Release
Exploring Virtual Prototyping: Part 1 - Blog
Exploring Virtual Prototyping: Part 2 - Blog
Functional Coverage for Embedded Software - Blog
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Logic Design

STARC Qualifies Cadence Encounter Conformal Constraint Designer for STARCAD-CEL Flow - Press Release
Changes to Cadence RTL Compiler PLE Mode with 8.1 release - Blog
Expect the Unexpected - Using MSV Beyond MSV - Blog
Leveraging Silicon Virtual Prototyping Technology in Synthesis - Blog
Global Synthesis for Design Closure - White Paper
Encounter Conformal ECO Designer - Product Info
Encounter Conformal ECO Designer - Revolutionizing the Art of ECOs - Technical Paper
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Low Power Design

Freescale Japan Adopts Cadence Low-Power Solution To Develop Advanced Power Management Chip - Press Release
Cadence Low-Power Solution Enables Fujitsu Microelectronics Tapeout of 65nm WiMAX Design - Press Release
Freescale Power Management Chip Tapeout - Blog
Chi-Ping Hsu Guest Blog at EDA Graffiti - Blog
Cadence and Fujitsu - Success Story
A Practical Guide to Low Power Design - eBook
Viewpoint: Low-power design brings chip, software together - EETimes
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Digital Implementation

New Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System Used by STMicroelectronics for 40- and 32-Nanometer Flows - Press Release
Cadence Announces Encounter Digital Implementation System with EDA Industry First End-to-End Parallel Processing Flow - Press Release
Demo and Interview: The Encounter Foundation Flow - Blog
ST Microelectronics — A Fountain-head of Design Innovations - Blog
Encounter Digital Implementation System - Datasheet
Virtuoso Digital Implementation - Datasheet
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Custom and RF Design

Cadence Unveils Next-Generation Parallel Circuit Simulator for the Verification of Complex Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Designs - Press Release
New Multi-Mode Simulation Technologies Dramatically Boost Speed and Capacity - Cadence Article
Virtuoso MMSIM 7.1 with Accelerated Parallel Simulator - Product Info
MSIM 7.1 Enhancements Benefit RF Designers! - Blog
Noise and Jitter Analysis for PLL-Based Frequency Synthethiser Using SpectreRF - Blog
IC 6.1 Adoption guide (SourceLink account required)
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Archived Webinars
Webinar series 101, 201, 202, 203

New Virtuoso Support Videos (SourceLink account required)

PCB Design and IC Packaging

New Cadence Design Technology Tackles Miniaturization, Product Design and Low-Power Challenges for IC Package/SiP Designers - Press Release
Cadence Introduces Constraint-Driven High-Density-Interconnect Design Flow for PCB - Press Release
What's Good About The SPB16.2 PCB SI Release? Full Wave Field Solver! - Blog
3D IC or TSV: The Next Phase in Functional Density and Miniaturization - Blog
Correct-by-Construction Approach for HDI Designs with High-speed Interfaces - PenWell
New Allegro and OrCAD 16.2 Release Helps Companies Deal with the Latest Design Challenges - Cadence Article
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Upcoming Allegro Webinar Series
Designing in DDRx memories with Allegro plus other exciting new webinars

Archived Webinar
Constraint-Driven HDI Design Flow


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What's Good About Differential Pair Support in Allegro PCB Editor? More Features in SPB16.2 By Jerry Grzenia
How to Simulate a Subcircuit (Netlist) With Spectre in ADE By Tawna Wilsey
MMSIM 7.1 Enhancements Benefit RF Designers! By Tawna Wilsey
3D IC or TSV: The Next Phase in Functional Density and Miniaturization By Keith Felton
CDNLive! - 10 Gbit package design paper available to conference attendees By Brad Griffin
Coffee, Anyone? By Christopher Clee
Getting Good Silicon With More Accurate Timing By Wilbur Luo
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