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News by Design: A Look Ahead
January 2014
Cadence Tensilica IP at CES

Brian Fuller
The Year Ahead
As application-specific system design gains traction within design engineering teams, 2014 could turn out to be the Year of IP.

That’s one of the reasons we kicked off the New Year with a great week of meetings and demos at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Cadence® Tensilica® team turned out in force because systems designers from the likes of Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, and Apple have optimized designs with Tensilica technology. And as more systems engineers embrace application-specific design, the need for design and verification IP will soar. Check out our CES experience in the stories nearby.

What else might this year bring? It’s always hard to forecast, but you can bet that—since it emerged last year—16/14nm FinFET will be a hot topic as will the wide proliferation of interesting new application areas under the umbrella term Internet of Things.

It'll be a year about mobile communications advances, about the importance of hardware-assisted verification and evolving design methodologies. We've touched on some of these topics already in our Electronics Industry Outlook: 2014, in an attempt to arm you with useful knowledge as you set off on this year's journey. And longtime market-researcher Jim Feldhan offers his outlook observations in an exclusive article, highlighted below.

As the year progresses, catch up with us at our live events, where we always deep-dive into technology trends and tools that make design engineering more productive and inspiring.

Brian Fuller
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P.S. We're moving away from the broad technology information newsletter you've been receiving for the past several years. Starting in February, we'll be launching topical newsletters, on an every-six-weeks basis, that will focus on areas such as verification, mixed-signal design, design and verification IP and so forth. We think a deeper, focused analysis of these areas will prove valuable to you as readers specializing in various aspects of design engineering.

For Your Eyes Only
  Jim Feldhan   Wondering what 2014 will bring to the semiconductor and EDA sectors of the global electronics industry? In "Up and to the Right: Apps Surge to Drive Electronics in 2014", Jim Feldhan, founder of Semico, reviews the numbers for 2013 and predicts growth for 2014. In his article, Feldhan also outlines six key market drivers for 2014 and 2015 that could gate the increase in the ASIC market during this period.

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