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News by Design: Memory
August 2013
Cadence at MemCon 2013

Taming the Memory Beast
It's not hard to forget that memory remains one of the most relentless challenges in system design. Semiconductor and EDA providers are keenly aware of this, as evidenced by a wealth of insights we received during the annual MemCon conference in Santa Clara. Mike Black from Micron talked about how Hybrid Memory Cube technology can help us scale the memory wall; Bob Brennan from Samsung gave a sneak peek at new memory architectures. Martin Lund from Cadence reassured us that memory innovation will keep up with our productivity expectations and a lively panel laid out the challenges of memory design in the coming years.

At the same time, Cadence announced new memory models for five emerging standards. If you're looking for more insight, don't miss Sumeet Agarwal's recent post on verification IP. What else is new this summer? Our 25th anniversary, that's what! Richard Goering and I have already written about the "dazzling decade" of EDA innovation milestones and what the next 25 years will bring. And there's a lot more in store as we celebrate industry innovation for a full year.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Miss MemCon? Not really. Check out the proceedings, watch the recap video and see what was going on by visiting our Flickr page.

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    At the ChipEstimate.TV station at MemCon, Sean O'Kane shares a laugh with Andrew Hampy.

For an overview of what happened at MemCon, check out O'Kane's interview with Richard Goering and Brian Fuller.

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Blog: Overcoming Memory Challenges
Electronics apps, especially mobile, are causing architectural fragmentation in the semiconductor memory industry, said Cadence's Martin Lund at MemCon 2013. Brian Fuller covers Lund's keynote.
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White Paper: Power-Aware Challenges of Memory Interface Designs
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September 10
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