Customer Newsletter - March 2012

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Cadence Transforms Digital Design with Encounter RTL-to-GDSII Flow

Cadence transforms digital design and introduces the latest release of Cadence® Encounter® RTL-to-GDSII flow for high-performance and giga-scale designs, including the latest technology node – 20 nanometers. Developed in close collaboration with leading IP and foundry partners, as well as customers, the new RTL-to-GDSII design, implementation, and signoff flow enables more efficient development of SoCs, meeting and exceeding the power, performance, and area (PPA) demands of today’s market requirements.

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Closed-Loop, Multi-Objective Planning-to-Signoff, Low-Power Solution

Simultaneously consider power, performance, and area constraints in a seamless closed-loop, multi-objective planning-to-signoff solution. If you are starting or are in the midst of a low-power design at mainstream or advanced node technologies, then you must know about the latest methodology, power optimization techniques, documentation, and more. Find out about the latest by visiting a single, complete resource center for everything you need to know to get your design done before your competition.

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The Technology Behind the Encounter 11.1 Release

The new release of the Cadence Encounter RTL-to-GDSII flow brings forth new technology in both IC physical design and front end design. Giga-hertz, giga-gate IC physical design is made possible by a new optimization engine, a new abstraction technology, and a correct-by-construction approach to 20nm double patterning. In the front end, synthesis has become more “physical aware” with improved quality of results. Two blog posts provide details.

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Digital front-end blog

TSMC 2012 Tech Symposium

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Hot tips from Verification experts

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Cadence Virtual System Platform

Dramatically Reduces Time-to-Market for Automotive, Infotainment, and Medical Systems
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