Customer Newsletter - January 2012

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Global Unichip and Cadence Strive for Energy Efficiency in Chip Design

Global Unichip (GUC) helps customers around the world develop feature-rich electronic products with ultra-low-power design requirements. To win customers’ confidence in achieving rigorous design specifications on a tight schedule, GUC requires a comprehensive solution that ensures every design step is power domain–aware.

Find out how Cadence Low-Power Design Solution, enabled by the Si2 Common Power Format (CPF), provides GUC with a complete system-to-silicon power-aware tool flow that has enabled tape out of more than 100 low-power designs.

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Now Available: Definitive Book on Advanced Verification for Today's ICs

Cadence has published a new book to aid verification engineers. "Advanced Verification Topics" describes in great detail the latest techniques and methodologies for verifying today's most complex IP and systems on chips (SoCs).

Penned by eight Cadence verification experts, "Advanced Verification Topics" builds on the prior Cadence book, "A Practical Guide to Adopting the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM)." The new book delves into such topics as metric-driven verification of digital and mixed-signal designs, low-power verification using the UVM, multi-language UVM, and acceleration for the UVM.

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2011 EDA Standards Update and 2012 Forecast

As system complexity grows and IC process nodes shrink, EDA industry standards are more important than ever. With today's time-to-market pressures, designers cannot afford to waste time due to incompatible formats, tools or methodologies.

Fortunately, 2011 was a productive year for EDA standards developments and 2012 is looking promising as well. This blog post summarizes some key developments at the Accellera Systems Initiative, IEEE, and Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2).

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Cadence at SPIE 2012 Conference

See our industry-leading DFM and computational lithography solutions
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Cadence Awarded OCP-IP Contributor of the Year

Outstanding work in compliance checking and functional coverage
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BIOTRONIK Leverages Unified Digital Flow

Cadence technology helps deliver the market’s most advanced pacemaker
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