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Voucher Regulations 

  • The voucher is only used for training classes conducted inside the training room of Cadence Korea Inc.
  • For on-site training, if a customer use voucher, the customer should provide (ex. For one-day training) Seven vouchers for 1 ~7 attendees, additional attendees should give voucher additionally. ( 1 Voucher = 1 Person ) 
  • The Voucher is not refundable and will be expired on the data printed on the voucher.
  • A customer should indicate intend to redeem this voucher when enrolling for training class and they have to submit this voucher to the class administrator at the first day of class. 
  • The voucher is valuable for one day training for one student. 
  • The voucher will not be replaced in case of being lost or stolen. 
  • The voucher is not transferable and only valid with company chop of Cadence Korea Inc. on it.
  • No-Show customer also should give the voucher to Cadence Korea, same as course attendees do. To prevent waste the voucher, the customer should contact to Cadence Korea training center for course cancellation before the course start-date.

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