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Cadence to Unveil OrCAD Capture Marketplace with Industry-first Online Apps; Puts a PCB Design ‘Universe’ at Engineers’ Fingertips

OrCAD Capture Marketplace Extends Users’ Design Capacity Far Beyond the EDA Tool Itself, Exemplifying the EDA360 vision for PCB Design Today

SAN JOSE, Calif.. 11 May 2011

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), a leader in global electronic design innovation, today unveiled OrCAD Capture Marketplace, a unique Web-enabled environment that brings a complete PCB ecosystem—including an industry-first online store for applications—to engineers’ fingertips. Accessible within the new version of the Cadence® OrCAD® Capture schematic design tool, the marketplace fundamentally changes the way PCB designers can access design data, stay informed and discover new resources, including apps to customize and extend the OrCAD environment.

The OrCAD Capture Marketplace will offer two key advantages for PCB designers. The first is productivity through convenience, with on-demand access to information, design data, and resources from across the Web at the click of a button. Users will get a design environment from which they can efficiently and conveniently conduct research and locate essential materials, with easy access to the latest design- or OrCAD-centric know-how. The second is an extensible and customizable design environment. Within OrCAD Capture Marketplace, users will have access to an online store where they can find and download apps, from Cadence and its channel partners, enabling enhanced control of their design processes and flows through new and enhanced features or capabilities.

"Cadence is the first company to put a PCB design ecosystem at the engineers’ fingertips with the new OrCAD Capture Marketplace and an online store for apps," said Manny Marcano, president of EMA Design Automation. "This will provide OrCAD users on-demand access to design data, information, and product enhancements directly within their OrCAD design environment, taking OrCAD PCB solutions to a new level."

By bringing content and resources directly to OrCAD Capture users, and pointing them to OrCAD-centric product and design information--including application notes, whitepapers, product tips and videos--ramp up time on new product features or design technologies can be minimized. Through apps or scripting customization, designers can apply automation to manual processes and complete design tasks faster. Difficult operations can be streamlined, and custom features that do not exist natively can be created or downloaded, further enhancing and extending the Capture environment.

“The OrCAD Capture Marketplace was designed with one goal in mind—advancing the capabilities of PCB designers by enabling access to the resources engineers need in a faster, more convenient and efficient manner,” said Josh Moore, senior product marketing manager at Cadence. “We will continue building and evolving the marketplace, with more apps and more content, to help ensure engineers can quickly find what they need, when they need it.”

The OrCAD Capture Marketplace is closely aligned with the EDA360 vision, which emphasizes the need to advance design beyond the traditional EDA boundaries in order to meet new design challenges. By providing all the necessary resources to take a design from concept to final board implementation, the OrCAD Capture Marketplace provides access to a rich design ecosystem in a new delivery model.

The OrCAD Capture Marketplace will be available by the end of Q2. A brief video of the OrCAD Capture Marketplace can be seen on YouTube.

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