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Course TitleAllegro PCB SI GXL v16.5
Course CategorySystem Interconnect Design – Allegro & OrCAD, Advance with Engineer Explorer Series
Duration1 Day
Product Versionv16.5

Course Description

In the Allegro® PCB SI GXL course, you learn to model and simulate high-speed design using macro models, S-parameters, and channel analysis. This course does teach some basic tool operations but concentrates on the more advanced aspects of the software. It is suggested that if you are not actively using this tool, then you need to complete the Allegro® PCB SI Foundations course.

Recent advances in silicon technology and high-speed communications have introduced buffers with data rates in the multigigabit range. Simulation models need to be modeled for buffers and vias to enable accurate simulation results in this frequency range. With the Allegro PCB SI GXL tool, Cadence® Design Systems has introduced an approach to modeling and simulating of these very high-speed structures. Using macro models, you can build buffer models that accurately operate in the multigigabit range. Additionally, new algorithms have been developed to more accurately model vias.

Among the new algorithms is a scattering parameters (S-Parameter) model for the vias. The behavior of this type of model can be accurately characterized over a wide frequency range. You can create and simulate both single and coupled via models. You can also use S-Parameters to model your channel interconnect from one board to another, thus facilitating the simulation of the complete serial channel through a backplane to its destination. The new channel analysis functionality lets you design a channel so that the eye pattern seen at the receiver meets its requirements for eye opening and jitter.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

o   Use macro models for multigigahertz applications

o   Create via models with the new Via Model Generator

o   Generate S-parameter models and run simulation analysis using these models

o   Run channel analysis for large data-bit simulations and channel optimization

o   Run channel analysis using IBIS-AMI models.

Software Used in This Course

o   Allegro PCB SI - GXL

Software Release(s)

o   SPB 16.5

Course Agenda

Note that this course can be tailored to better meet your needscontact the Cadence training staff for specifics.


o   Macro Model Creation

o   Macro Model Use in SigXplorer

o   Pre- and De-emphasis in the Macro Model

o   Via Models

·         Narrowband models

·         Wideband models

·         S-parameter models

·         Coupled S-parameter models

o   S-Parameter Creation

·         S-Parameter modeling

·         S-Parameter validation

·         Channel loss

o   Channel Loss Channel Analysis

·         High-capacity simulation

·         Pre-emphasis optimization

·         IBIS-AMI models

·         Data rate what-ifs design


o   This course is for electrical engineers whose design responsibilities include PCB signal analysis and designers who are concerned with the problems associated with high-speed designs.


You must have knowledge of the following:

o   Printed circuit board design and signal analysis

Or you must have completed the following course:

o   Allegro PCB SI Foundations v16.5

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