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Course TitleSKILL Development of Parameterized Cells v5.1.41
Course CategoryCustom IC Design – Virtuoso
Duration2 Days
Product Version5.1.41

This course describes the tools and methods of developing parameterized cells (pcells) in SKILL, the Cadence Design Framework II extension language. A major portion of the course is dedicated to an introduction and investigation of relative object design (ROD), a new technology providing powerful, flexible procedures for defining simple and complex layout objects and their relationships to each other.

Based upon a firm foundation in relative object design, pcell development will be explained in stages, beginning with creation of sizeable transistors and evolving into a fully parameterized inverter layout. 

Learning Objectives

o       Understand how relative object design (ROD) SKILL functions can help you create layout objects and parameterized cells

o       Examine the architecture of ROD objects

o       Explore the versatility of ROD objects

o       Create and manipulate ROD objects interactively

o       Learn the concepts involved in developing pcells with SKILL

o       Define and use pcells

o       Make your pcells process-independent by applying technology file rules

o       Create a parameterized inverter layout

o       Create pcells with stretch handles

o       Create pcells with auto-abutment for the Virtuoso XL Layout Editor


o       Library Developers

o       Layout Designers

o       Cadence SKILL Programmers

o       CAD Developers

o       This course is suited for anyone interested in programmatic cell development


o       Hands-on experience with Cadence Design Framework II and the Virtuoso Layout Editor is required, and the student should be familiar with SKILL.

o       The ideal student will be comfortable with a UNIX workstation and have a good working knowledge of at least one text editor.

Course Agenda


o       Welcome and agenda

o       Introduction to parameterized cells

o       Introduction to relative object design

o       Exploring relative object design

o       Creating and using SKILL parameterized cells


o       Creating and using SKILL parameterized cells (continued)

o       Going further with SKILL pcells

o       Creating and using qcells (optional)

케이던스 코리아(유)
경기도 성남시 분당구 판교로 344
엠텍IT타워 9층/2층(교육장)
(구. 삼평동 688-1)
전화번호: 031-728-3111(代)
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