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Course TitleSKILL Language Programming Introduction
Course CategoryCustom IC Design – Virtuoso
Duration4 Days
Product Version5.1.41

This course provides the foundation, concepts, and sample programs to build working SKILL programs. It stresses the important SKILL functions that underlie the Cadence® Design Framework II environment. For each major group of SKILL functions, you complete a working program.

Learning Objectives

o       Learn the role of SKILL in the Cadence Design Framework II environment.

o       Master SKILL syntax, loop constructs and conditional statements.

o       Build and manipulate lists.

o       Build, install, and manipulate windows, menus, and forms.

o       Examine the design database model and implement SKILL queries and functions to create, access, and update the data.

o       Define, develop, and debug SKILL functions and programs.

o       Read and write data to and from UNIX text files.

o       Implement an interface to external programs using SKILL interprocess communication.

o       Compare the various kinds of SKILL data structures and implement examples of each.

o       Review the history, purpose, and features of OpenAccess, the new Cadence database and API.


o       Tool Integrators

o       CAD Developers

o       Cadence SKILL Programmers

o       System Administrators


o       Programming experience with one of the following: C, Perl, Fortran, or any LISP dialect.

Course Agenda

o       SKILL Fundamentals

o       Lists

o       Windows


o       Database Queries

o       Menus

o       Customization

o       SKILL Functions


o       Flow of Control

o       File I/O

o       List Construction

o       SKILL Development Environment


o       Data Models

o       User Interface


o       Advanced Customization

o       Interprogram Communication

o       Data Structures

o       OpenAccess


케이던스 코리아(유)
경기도 성남시 분당구 판교로 344
엠텍IT타워 9층/2층(교육장)
(구. 삼평동 688-1)
전화번호: 031-728-3111(代)
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