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EDA(Electronics Design Automation)분야의 세계 최대 마켓리더인 케이던스(Cadence Design Systems Inc.)는 전세계 반도체, 통신장비, 멀티미디어 및 가전제품 회사들이 다양한 제품을 적기에 개발하고 생산할 수 있도록 EDA 소프트웨어와 디자인 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다. 미국 캘리포니아주 산호세에 본사를 두고 있으며, 세계 주요지역에 현지법인, 연구소, 디자인센터를 두고 있습니다. 회사소개(About Cadence Korea).

Cadence News

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16 Dec 2009: Cadence Announces IIT Delhi as Winner of Annual Design Contest14 Dec 2009: Fairchild Semiconductor Selects Cadence as Primary EDA Partner14 Dec 2009: Zoran Deploys Cadence Virtuoso Software for Complex, Advanced Technology, Mixed-Signal Chip10 Dec 2009: Cosmic Circuits Adopts Cadence Virtuoso 6.1 for Complex Analog and Mixed-Signal Designs08 Dec 2009: AppliedMicro Standardizes on Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System07 Dec 2009: Cadence Strengthens Virtuoso Custom IC Design Leadership
25 Nov 2009: IC Plus Standardizes Verification Process with Cadence Incisive Solution16 Nov 2009: Cadence Announces Expanded SoC Design Alliance with Toshiba Corporation04 Nov 2009: Exar Selects Cadence as Mixed-Signal EDA Provider03 Nov 2009: Cadence Marks Annual Innovation Day with Honors for its Top Technology Leaders02 Nov 2009: Hitachi Achieves Test Compression Levels Four Years Ahead of Industry (ITRS) Roadmap by Leveraging Cadence OPMISR Compression Technology
29 Oct 2009: SMIC and Cadence Announce the Availability of 65-Nanometer Low power Reference Flow 4.028 Oct 2009: Cadence Reports Q3 2009 Financial Results27 Oct 2009: Silicon Hive Utilizes Cadence Palladium III Solution for Highest Quality IP for Multi-Core Multi-Million Gate Designs27 Oct 2009: Cadence Leverages New Miniaturization Capabilities to Advance PCB Design Leadership27 Oct 2009: IC Package Designers Boost Productivity with New Cadence Allegro SiP and IC Packaging Software22 Oct 2009: Cadence Design Systems to Host Mixed-Signal Design Summit20 Oct 2009: SMIC Adopts Cadence DFM Solutions for 65- and 45-Nanometer IP/Library Development and Full Chip Production19 Oct 2009: STARC and Cadence Collaborate to Develop Next-Generation Analog/Mixed-Signal Reference Flow19 Oct 2009: Cadence and ARM Fabric Collaborate to Increase Engineer Productivity and Drive Down Time to Market for SoC Integration15 Oct 2009: Cadence Design Systems to Host Second Annual Silicon Valley Power Forward Low-Power Design Summit13 Oct 2009: Cadence Incisive Verification Management Solution Enables Fujitsu Microelectronics Solutions to Achieve Aggressive Verification Goals12 Oct 2009: SHHIC Adopts Broad Range of Cadence Solutions for Advanced Semiconductor Design09 Oct 2009: Cadence Announces Third Quarter 2009 Financial Results Webcast06 Oct 2009: Cadence Extends Its TLM-Driven Design and Verification Solution to Support Leading Embedded Software Environments05 Oct 2009: Cadence Enables Early Validation of Next-Gen 4G/LTE Wireless Designs with Rohde & Schwarz T&M Solution05 Oct 2009: Cadence Introduces Incisive Enterprise Verifier, Delivering Dual Power of Formal Analysis and Simulation Engines01 Oct 2009: Cadence Introduces the EDA Industry’s First Verification Solution for PCI Express 3.0
29 Sep 2009: Cadence Extends Performance Leadership with Expanded Multi-Core Support29 Sep 2009: Cadence Physical Verification System Supports TSMC’s Interoperable iDRC and iLVS Formats for 40-Nanometer Design28 Sep 2009: Fuji Electric Device Achieves Significant Cost Reduction with Cadence Virtuoso Accelerated Parallel Simulator23 Sep 2009: Join Cadence at CDNLive! Silicon Valley22 Sep 2009: Linear Technology Adopts Broad Range of Cadence Mixed Signal Design Technology03 Sep 2009: Cadence Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Palatnik to Present at the Deutsche Bank 2009 Technology Conference
31 Aug 2009: Cadence and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Announce Broad, Multi-Year Technology Agreement27 Aug 2009: Cadence Design Systems Appoints John Bruggeman as Chief Marketing Officer25 Aug 2009: Tilera Adopts Broad Range of Cadence Solutions for Multicore Processor Design17 Aug 2009: Cadence Low-Power Solution Selected for Global Unichip’s PowerMagic Low-Power Design Methodology03 Aug 2009: Nethra Enlists Cadence Incisive Palladium Accelerator/Emulator To Speed Development of Advanced HD Image Processor
30 Jul 2009: UMC Adopts Cadence 40-Nanometer Reference Flow for Low Power, Verification, Implementation and DFM-Aware Design29 Jul 2009: Cadence Achieves First-Silicon Results on 32nm Common Platform™ Technology29 Jul 2009: Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute Adopts Cadence C-to-Silicon Compiler to Boost Designer Productivity29 Jul 2009: Cadence Reports Q2 2009 Financial Results28 Jul 2009: Freescale Achieves Design Cycle Reduction and Superior Silicon Predictability with Cadence Model-Based Physical and Electrical DFM Solutions27 Jul 2009: Cadence Validates ARM Optimized Libraries for 45nm SOI Process27 Jul 2009: LG Electronics Adopts Cadence Conformal Technology for Improved Engineering Design Management, Faster Time to Market27 Jul 2009: VeriSilicon Delivers Chip Designs on Time and at Lower Cost with Cadence InCyte Chip Estimator27 Jul 2009: Cadence Announces that STMicroelectronics Adopts Encounter Signoff Solutions for Designs from 65 to 32 Nanometers23 Jul 2009: First OVM World Booth To Be Featured at Design Automation Conference in San Francisco23 Jul 2009: TSMC and Cadence Expand Collaboration to Deliver Advanced, Feature-Rich Process Design Kits23 Jul 2009: Cadence Delivers 28-Nanometer Design Capabilities to TSMC Reference Flow 10.022 Jul 2009: MEDIA ADVISORY: Meet at DAC with Leading IP Suppliers During ChipEstimate.com's IP Talks!22 Jul 2009: OVM World Collaborates on Accellera’s Industry Solution for VIP Interoperability15 Jul 2009: Cadence Introduces First TLM-Driven Design and Verification Solution to Increase Engineering Productivity over RTL-based Flows15 Jul 2009: Cadence Announces National Semiconductor Adoption of Virtuoso Simulation Solution for Complex Analog Designs15 Jul 2009: Ricoh Joins Power Forward Initiative15 Jul 2009: Cadence Showcases Comprehensive Design Solutions at 46th DAC14 Jul 2009: Hitachi Implements 50-Million Gate Design Using Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System13 Jul 2009: Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Selects Cadence Mixed-Signal Design Solution10 Jul 2009: Cadence Announces Second Quarter 2009 Financial Results Webcast08 Jul 2009: STARC Integrates Cadence Encounter Solution for Complex, Large-Scale Designs08 Jul 2009: STARC Integrates Litho-Aware 45nm Design Flow using Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System07 Jul 2009: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Adopts Cadence Virtuoso IC 6.1 and Spectre Simulator for Complex Analog and Mixed-Signal Designs07 Jul 2009: Fujitsu Microelectronics Solutions Adopts Cadence Verification Technology for Its Toughest Mixed-Signal Designs
30 Jun 2009: Hitachi Achieves 40% Reduction in PCB Place-and-Route Design Time With Cadence Global Route Environment29 Jun 2009: Cadence Collaborates with Toshiba Corporation on Integrated Design Environment for COT and SoC Design29 Jun 2009: Cadence CDNLive! EMEA User Conference Energizes the Electronics Industry24 Jun 2009: Cadence and Xilinx Simplify SoC Development with Enterprise Verification Capabilities for FPGA Targeted Design Platforms17 Jun 2009: IP Talks! 2009: IP Returns to Center Stage at DAC16 Jun 2009: Kaben Wireless Silicon Achieves up to 7X Performance Boost with Cadence Virtuoso Accelerated Parallel Simulator15 Jun 2009: Cadence Board Member Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli Honored With 2009 IEEE/RSE Wolfson James Clerk Maxwell Award15 Jun 2009: Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute Achieves Digital Video Tuner Tapeout Success with Cadence Virtuoso IC 6.1 12 Jun 2009: Media Alert: Power Forward Initiative presents: Power-Aware Design Summit10 Jun 2009: Cadence Announces Restructuring09 Jun 2009: Cadence QRC First Full Chip Extractor to be Qualified for TSMC’s Interoperable (iRCX) Format for 65 and 40 Nanometer Design09 Jun 2009: Faraday Technology Reduces IC Power Consumption and Cuts Design Time by 20 Percent Using Cadence Low-Power Solution08 Jun 2009: Casio Selects Cadence C-to-Silicon Compiler for High-Level Synthesis08 Jun 2009: Cadence Unveils Integrated Chip Planning and Implementation Solution to Improve Predictability and Reduce Risk of IC Designs01 Jun 2009: China's Academy of Sciences Adopts Cadence Incisive Xtreme III System to Validate Next-Generation Multi-core Processor Designs
27 May 2009: Netronome Adopts Broad Scope of Cadence Technology26 May 2009: Cadence Design Systems Presents at the RBC Technology, Media and Communications Conference20 May 2009: Cadence Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Palatnik to Present at the Bank Of America Merrill Lynch Technology Conference18 May 2009: Cadence Introduces Innovative FPGA-PCB Co-Design Solution18 May 2009: Cadence and Virtutech Extend Metric-Driven Verification to Virtual Systems Development18 May 2009: NXP Semiconductors Accelerates Design Cycle using New Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System for Industry’s First 45nm Digital TV Processor18 May 2009: Cadence Speeds Systems Development with Automated Transaction-Level Verification18 May 2009: Cadence Encounter Digital IC Design Platform Adds 200 New Customers, including Ricoh and Siano18 May 2009: PLDA Achieves IP Success with Cadence SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) Verification IP14 May 2009: Cadence Announces Winner of Second EMEA Student Design Contest12 May 2009: DiBcom Leverages Combined Cadence Low-Power and Mixed-Signal Solutions to Create Advanced Mobile TV System-on-Chip12 May 2009: SANYO Adopts 2 Key Products from Cadence to Tackle Complex Analog and Mixed-Signal Designs11 May 2009: BroadLight Increases Network Processor Frequency by 30 Percent using New Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System 07 May 2009: Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System Used by Gennum’s Snowbush IP Group to Speed Delivery of Industry’s First 45nm USB 3.0 PHY IP
30 Apr 2009: Cadence Kicks Off Worldwide User Conferences with CDNLive! EMEA 200930 Apr 2009: Cadence Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Palatnik to Present at the Cowen & Co. Technology, Media and Telecom Conference29 Apr 2009: Cadence Reports Q1 2009 Financial Results29 Apr 2009: LFoundry Introduces Industry-Leading Process Design Kit for Cadence Virtuoso IC 6.1 Custom Design Platform28 Apr 2009: Cadence Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Charlie Huang, Ph.D. To Present At 1st Asia Symposium on Quality Electronic Design Conference21 Apr 2009: Cadence and TSMC Introduce Mixed-Signal/RF Reference Design Kit in 65nm Process Technology21 Apr 2009: Cadence Senior Vice President And Chief Financial Officer Kevin Palatnik To Present At The JPMorgan Technology, Media And Telecom Conference10 Apr 2009: Cadence Announces First Quarter 2009 Financial Results Webcast09 Apr 2009: Cadence Expands Channel Partner Network in China02 Apr 2009: Global Unichip Announces Greater Than 3X Schedule Reduction of Full-Chip Design Closure on 50M Gate Design with New Encounter Digital Implementation System
31 Mar 2009: Cadence Launches 'Industry Insights' Design Community Blog31 Mar 2009: Cadence Captures EDN Innovation Award30 Mar 2009: Cadence and NEC Electronics Announce Encounter Digital Implementation System To Support NEC Electronics' System LSI with Built-In V850 CPU Core27 Mar 2009: Cadence President and Chief Executive Officer Lip-Bu Tan to Host Annual Meeting of Stockholders25 Mar 2009: Sequans Speeds Tapeout of 65-Nanometer Mobile WiMAX Single Die Baseband Chip with Cadence Low-Power Solution23 Mar 2009: Cadence End-to-End Solutions Power HuayaMicro to Achieve First Silicon Success16 Mar 2009: Cadence Enhances Low-Power Solution Enabling More Predictable Power-Efficient Design11 Mar 2009: SiS Joins Power Forward Initiative To Assist In Delivering Power-Efficient Computing Platforms03 Mar 2009: Cadence End-to-End Design Solutions Enable UPEK to Consolidate Seamless Full-Chip Design Flow
25 Feb 2009: AMD Selects Cadence Incisive Palladium Series To Verify Complex Graphics Design25 Feb 2009: OVM Extended to Efficiently Manage Coverage Metrics24 Feb 2009: Cadence Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Palatnik to Present at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference23 Feb 2009: Cadence Extends the Open Verification Methodology Beyond SystemVerilog to Include SystemC and e Language Support23 Feb 2009: Cadence Incisive Verification IP Portfolio Delivers 'All-in-One' Flexibility and Higher Value for SoC Developers11 Feb 2009: Adaptive Chips Adopts Cadence Incisive Verification Solution with the Open Verification Methodology (OVM)09 Feb 2009: Customer Testimonials for Semiconductor IP Added to ChipEstimate.com09 Feb 2009: Cadence Incisive Palladium III Shortens Sharp's System Design and Verification Cycle04 Feb 2009: Cadence ChipEstimate.com IP Ecosystem Wins 2009 DesignVision Award04 Feb 2009: Cadence Reports Q4 2008 Financial Results04 Feb 2009: IP Vendors to List TSMC Compatible Cores on ChipEstimate.com
21 Jan 2009: New Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System Used by STMicroelectronics for 40- and 32-Nanometer Flows20 Jan 2009: Cadence Expands C-to-Silicon Compiler with High-level Synthesis Support for Altera and Xilinx FPGAs20 Jan 2009: Freescale Japan Adopts Cadence Low-Power Solution To Develop Advanced Power Management Chip15 Jan 2009: STARC Qualifies Cadence Encounter Conformal Constraint Designer for STARCAD-CEL Flow12 Jan 2009: Cadence Low-Power Solution Enables Fujitsu Microelectronics Tapeout of 65nm WiMAX Design09 Jan 2009: Media Advisory: Cadence Announces Fourth Quarter 2008 Financial Results Webcast08 Jan 2009: Cadence Appoints Lip-Bu Tan President and Chief Executive Officer
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