Verification Throughput for Pre-Silicon Software Validation

Cadence®  Protium™ FPGA-based prototyping platforms rapidly bring up an SoC or System prototype and provide a pre-silicon platform for early software development, SoC verification, system validation, and hardware regressions.

Protium X2 Enterprise Prototyping Platform 

Our newest FPGA prototyping platform delivers increased verification performance and capacity for development of complex SoCs and systems. The Protium X2 platform leverages the latest Xilinx VU19P for FPGA prototyping and the use of both copper and optical interconnect to deliver the highest prototyping verification performance for multi-billion-gate SoC designs.

  • 2X capacity per rack and 1.5X speed over Protium X1 platform
  • Unified compile, testbench link, and interfaces with Palladium Z2 for quick bring-up
  • Compiles 10 billion gates in under 24 hours
  • 2X higher debug throughput
  • 2X faster host-workstation connection
  • 2X faster memory access
  • Enhanced multi-user features

Protium X1 Enterprise Prototyping Platform 

Our first-generation FPGA-based prototyping platform provides extreme scalability and flexibility in a data center-optimized form factor. The Protium X1 platform combines a modern, blade-based hardware with an industry-leading implementation and debug software suite, all of which ensures that your prototype comes up quickly and reliably with everything you need to start firmware and software development early.

  • Scalable performance up to 5X faster than Palladium Z1 platform for billion-gate designs
  • Scalable capacity from 25 million gates to over 4 billion gates
  • Advanced debug features include prototyping full visibility, high-performance DPI interface and design-memory upload/download

Protium S1 Desktop Prototyping Platform

Our desktop prototyping platform is a great starter kit for those needing prototyping for IP or small SoC designs. While not as expandable as the Protium X1 and X2 platforms, Protium S1 FPGA-based prototyping offers the same fast bring-up in a compact, affordable form factor.

  • For small and medium complexity designs up to 100 million-gate capacity
  • Ultra-fast prototype bring-up enables early firmware development for small designs
  • Congruency with Protium X1, Protium X2, and Palladium Z1 platforms enhances ease of use and flow integration

Interface Support

Complementing our emulation systems is a comprehensive portfolio of physical and virtual interface support, to make using Protium FPGA prototyping even easier and more productive.

  • SpeedBridge Adapters: Protocol interface solutions that enable efficient driver- and application-level testing with Palladium emulation and Protium prototyping systems 
  • Protium daughtercards: Everything you need to unleash all the capabilities in FPGA-based prototyping, from SRAM and DDRx memory cards, over test adapters, to debug-enhancing data capture cards
  • Memory models: Comprehensive portfolio supports most industry-standard memory models
  • VirtualBridge Adapters: Enable user applications and OS drivers to establish a virtual protocol connection to Palladium emulation and Protium prototyping systems
  • Accelerated VIP: A comprehensive set of high-performance protocol IP to verify the interfaces and peripherals of your SoC

Use Models

Protium prototyping supports use models to improve verification productivity through:

  • In-circuit prototyping
  • Hybrid prototyping with virtual platform
  • Continuous at-speed data-capture
  • Early firmware development / software debug
  • Pre-silicon software/OS development
  • Hardware / software co-verification
  • System integration level test


Verified with Cadence

Learn how our customers use the Dynamic Duo to optimize workload distribution between verification, validation and pre-silicon software bring-up and adopt a shift-left methodology to accelerate their product development process.