Celsius Thermal Solver

Electrothermal Co-Simulation for System Analysis

Celsius Thermal Solver for Thermal Management

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Utilize electrothermal co-simulation to maximize the efficiency, tolerance, and power of the products you are putting all your effort into.

Complete Electrothermal Technology for IC Packages, PCBs, and Systems

The Cadence Celsius Thermal Solver is the industry’s first complete electrothermal co-simulation solution for the full hierarchy of electronic systems from ICs to physical enclosures. Based on a production-proven, massively parallel architecture that delivers up to 10X faster performance than legacy solutions without sacrificing accuracy, the Celsius Thermal Solver seamlessly integrates with Cadence IC, package, and PCB implementation platforms.   

Thermal Analysis Delivering Speed, Accuracy, Capacity, and Streamlined Workflows 

The Celsius Thermal Solver offers complete electrothermal co-simulation for the full hierarchy of electronic systems, from chips, packages, and boards to full physical enclosures, and provides analysis and design insights that empower electrical design teams to detect and mitigate thermal issues early in the design process—reducing electronic system development iterations.

Complete System-Level Design and Analysis

With greater attention to power and power efficiency comes an immense demand for thermal reliability for all aspects of system design. Being able to work in a single environment, share data, and enable automation between workflows and user interfaces revitalizes your IC to PCB design workflows.

The Celsius Thermal Solver is integrated with Cadence chip, package, and PCB design platforms, including Allegro PCB Designer, AWR Design Environment, the Innovus Implementation System, the Virtuoso System Design Platform, and the Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution.

Bring Massively Paralleled Processing Technology to Your Simulations

Bring Massively Paralleled Processing Technology to Your Simulations

Address thermal heating challenges in chips, packages, and systems with complete electrothermal co-simulation for the full hierarchy of electronic systems, from ICs to physical enclosures and end-to-end capabilities for in-design through to signoff.

The parallel processing technology within the Celsius Thermal Solver shortens simulation time significantly. Multi-threading and distributed processing are supported, enabling 10X faster simulation times than other solvers. The massively parallelized matrix solver can analyze complex 3D structures.

Harness Powerful Solver Technology

Innovative multiphysics technology addresses the challenge of multiple power profiles and increased heat dissipation by combining finite element analysis (FEA) for solid structures, enabling complete system analysis in a single tool. The Celsius Thermal Solver provides detailed analysis of the entire system, as well as detailed thermal model analysis of chip, package, and board designs.

Using the Celsius Thermal Solver, designers can import and analyze large package and PCB designs in full detail with no input simplification. Designers can also perform joule-heating, stress, and warpage analysis.

Available from Cadence

Celsius Thermal Solver

The Celsius Thermal Solver is capable of profound temperature accuracy simulations, heat transfer solutions, and electrothermal co-simulation. Utilize its suite of CFD and FEA solutions for thermal management today.

Celsius PTI

Celsius Advanced PTI allows power terminal integrity (PTI) experts to perform PDN verification from each power source to each sink across multiple boards and packages.

Celsius PowerDC

To ensure you achieve reliable power delivery, Celsius PowerDC technology provides efficient DC analysis for signoff of IC package and PCB designs, including electrothermal co-simulation to maximize accuracy.

Fast, Reliable Thermal Analysis for PCBs, 3D-ICs, Systems, and Beyond  

The Celsius Thermal Solver helps designers avoid costly implementations, engineering delays, product iterations, and field failures. Designers can minimize late-stage design iterations with the mechanical engineering team by performing thermal simulations early in the design phase.  

Multiphysics Technology and Field Solvers

The combined FEA solver provides detailed analysis of the entire system. The Celsius Thermal Solver also offers advanced finite-element method (FEM) meshing technology, which makes meshing any complex system fast and easy.

Transient and Steady State Analysis

Transient as well as steady-state analysis enables accurate electrothermal co-simulation to analyze both transient and steady-state and heat conduction in complicated solid structures.

Massively Parallelized Execution

Massively parallel execution delivers up to 10X faster performance than existing solutions without compromising accuracy when analyzing 3D-ICs and complex 3D structures.

Electrothermal Reliability

Seamless, simple, and easy integration with Cadence IC, package, microwave/RF, and PCB implementation platforms accelerates and simplifies design iterations.

Temperature Data

Design engineers have ready access to operating temperature data for reliability and performance studies.

Thermal Stress and Strain

Accurate simulation of thermal-induced stress and strain in solid, allows designers to pinpoint problem areas and avoid costly product reliability issues.

Your Most Complex Thermal Challenges - Solved


System On Chip

Floorplan optimization, performance analysis using voltage/frequency corners under thermal constraints, and accurate temperature sensor location.



Solutions for RF power amplifier (PA) and monolithic microwave IC (MMIC) designs and RF PCBs and modules that support electrothermal analysis through model information sourced from circuit design software, including existing MMIC design data and geometries such as layout, material properties, and power-source values from RF simulation. 

IC Packaging 

IC Packages

Transient electrothermal co-simulations to accurately identify temperature and current density issues in packages.



Electrothermal co-simulation for full PCB design without any simplification and calculation of IR drop by calculating on the joule heating.



Develop a thermal management system and identify hot spots and thermal stress-related issues that are among the leading field failure risks in electronic systems.

More Analysis Needed? No Problem

It’s time to turn those days spent meshing into hours and achieve same-day results for the simulations you need for progress.

Clarity 3D Solver

Utilize the unbeatable simulation speed of the Clarity 3D Solver’s finite element analysis (FEA) and electromagnetic (EM) field solver.

Sigrity Technologies

Ensure any board, package, or system performs well with leading power integrity and signal integrity solutions.

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