Developing Robust High-Speed Products

  • Cadence® Sigrity™ provides high-speed system designers with the most comprehensive, end-to-end, in-design interconnect modeling, signal and power integrity simulation for PCB and IC packages.
  • Sigrity technology helps reduce design re-spins by detecting and addressing power-aware SI and power ripple due to signal switching.

Key Benefits

Minimize Design Re-spins

Early detection of power-aware SI and signal switching-related power ripple analysis in advanced PCB and IC packages

Signoff Accuracy

Works in tandem with signoff accurate Cadence Clarity™ 3D Solver for advanced PCB and IC package designs

Integration to Implementation

Supports the Allegro® PCB constraint-driven flow and seamlessly integrates with Allegro Package Designer Plus

Product Categories

Signal Integrity

Including power-aware signal integrity analysis for PCBs and IC packages

Power and Thermal Integrity

Simulates the power delivery networks of PCBs and IC packages

Interconnect Extraction

Most commonly used interconnect extraction and modeling of PCB and IC Packages