The Cadence® Controller IP for CXL easily integrates into any SoC and addresses a wide range of high-bandwidth and low-latency requirements for a broad spectrum of applications, including high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), storage solutions, accelerators, and memory expanders.


Key Benefits

High Performance, Low Latency

Benchmarked at 95% of theoretical performance, superscalar design for high throughput and low latency

Application Optimized

IP features optimized for key applications like storage, managed memories, and AI/ML accelerators, configured to your specific needs with minimal gate count

Ease of Use

Fully verified pre-integrated IP delivery, with firmware and testbenches for rapid bring-up


  • The Cadence Controller IP for CXL provides the logic required to integrate a root-port (RP), end-point (EP), or dual-mode (DM) controller into any system on chip (SoC), and supports CXL 2.0 and CXL 1.1
  • Designed for lowest latency at the highest bandwidth possible and with a rich set of client interfaces available, the Cadence Controller IP for CXL allows superior flexibility for all three device types in the CXL specification
  • The Cadence Controller IP for CXL has been robustly verified with lead OEM partners in pre-silicon, and the Cadence subsystem test chips for PCIe and CXL include a CXL controller