Cadence® Controller IP for NAND Flash addresses a broad range of market requirements, from SSD to basic boot applications including options for low power, reduced gate count, and performance. Our controllers and PHY IP support all major NAND Flash manufacturers and standards: ONFI 4.x, ONFI 3/2/1, Toggle 2/1, and asynchronous devices. NAND PHY IP is also available with ONFi 5.x support.

NAND Flash PHY IP block diagram v3

Key Benefits


Can be used for many flash interfaces


Using soft PHY simplifies SoC timing design

High Performance

Allows up to 600MHz/DDR1200 for soft PHY and up to 1200MHz/DDR2400 with custom hard PHY

High-Confidence Design

Silicon-proven in many applications


Full Digital Implementation
  • Retargetable to most advanced semiconductor processes
Register Interface for PHY Programming
  • Quickly program the interface for different NAND devices
DFI 3.0 Interface Optimized for NAND
  • Easy integration to Cadence or customer’s own controller