Easy-to-Use EM-IR Flow Enables Full-Chip Verification

The Cadence Voltus-XFi Custom Power Integrity Solution is a transistor-level electromigration and IR drop (EM-IR) tool that delivers foundry-supported SPICE-level accuracy for power integrity signoff.

EM-IR presents unique challenges at the transistor level, from complex EM rules to the high costs of simulating for current on a large RC network at post-layout. Enabled via an integration with the Cadence Spectre X SPICE Simulator and the Virtuoso Design Platform, the Voltus-XFi solution accelerates power signoff analysis and closure.

Productivity to Reach Your Aggressive Time-to-Market Goals

Accurate, Comprehensive Analysis

Foundry enablement on EM rules and IR drop accuracy for FinFET and FD-SOI nodes

Improved Productivity

Integrated EM-IR flow enables easy and fast complete analysis and debugging

Optimized Performance

Our patented voltage-based method provides a smaller memory footprint and runs faster than the direct method

Integrated Cadence Ecosystem

Integrated with Cadence’s Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution for full-chip support

Central cockpit for EM-IR flow

Workflow based on extraction, simulation, analysis, and debugging in one place

Best-in-class use model with minimum tuning

Simple option balances accuracy and performance tradeoff

Comprehensive debugging options

EM-IR Results Browser summarizes EM-IR information, highlights violations, and makes errors easy to fix

Full chip support

Creates power-grid-view (PGV) macro model for the analyzed transistor block/IP and passes the model to the Voltus IC Power Integrity Solution for full-chip signoff