Key Benefits

Designs are getting bigger and more complex. This translates to more challenging power, performance, and area (PPA) targets. It’s a tall engineering order to meet, made tougher with schedules that continue to shrink. The Cadence® integrated digital full flow offers innovations that go across individual tool boundaries through the integration of core engines and key technologies. Using the Cadence digital full flow, customers can beat their PPA goals ahead of schedule.

Achieve Best PPA

Genus/Innovus iSpatial - Bridge synthesis and implementation with integrated core engines and unified physical optimization

Superior Signoff

Avoid bottlenecks and achieve the fastest path to predictable design closure

Improved Productivity

Engineers can quickly optimize flows for many blocks concurrently and use that knowledge for the next design


Efficient distributed compute machine learning technology, also enabled for cloud

Designed with Cadence Digital

Learn how our customers use the digital full flow to achieve better predictability, power, performance, and area while reducing time to market