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Leading-edge semiconductor integrated circuits (IC) drive the electronics systems that are changing our lives. They are the enabling technology that is transforming everything from home automation to self-driving cars and advanced healthcare.

Develop your design with optimal performance, power, and area (PPA) to create innovative system functionality.


The design of electronics systems includes PCBs, 3D-IC packaging, and signal integrity, electromagnetic, and electrothermal analysis. These multi-physics analyses are applied from chip and package to PCB, cabling, and connectivity. Develop software and co-optimize your hardware and software with security in mind.


Create specialized processors to optimize the algorithm for your target data sets, managing the massive parallelism inherent in today’s intelligent systems.


AWR University Program Self Licensing

Try Cadence® AWR® software products today and see for yourself how easy and effective it is to streamline your design process, improve end-product performance, and accelerate time to market for MMICs, RFICs, RF PCBs, microwave modules, antennas, communications systems, radar systems, and more. Students at participating universities in the Flexible Access Licensing Program can self-license AWR tools for use on their personal Windows PCs!

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Accelerate your learning by utilizing the training resources available to you! There are more than 5,000 learning materials available at your fingertips, including introductory videos—called Training Bytes—of Cadence tools, webinars, and Online Training courses.

Over 75 Cadence Certification digital badges can be earned to showcase your mastery of Cadence tools. There’s no time like the present to develop your Cadence knowledge.


Arm University Program Education Kits

The Arm® University Program has developed a suite of education kits comprising a full set of materials including lecture slides and lab manuals with solutions. Take advantage of these resources that cover a range of core subjects relevant to electrical, electronic, and computer engineering, computer science and beyond!

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Diversity in Technology Scholarship Program

In addition to our internship opportunities and relationships with key universities, Cadence offers a variety of scholarships to increase and support diversity of students pursuing a technical degree.

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New Grad and Intern Opportunities

At Cadence, you will play a valuable role in creating the technologies that modern life depends on. Whether you’re an intern looking to learn from the best in the industry or a new college grad wanting to launch a career doing work that matters, Cadence has something for everyone.

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