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Cadence products help start-ups delivering innovations

Cadence is supporting start-ups by providing them just the right solution at low costs. See what they say about how Cadence products helped them to work on their innovations.

Nanusens and nanotechnology

Nanusens is a start-up from the field of nanotechnology aiming for MEMS ICs with smaller size, lower cost, lower consumption, and producible in very large quantities.

Seamless Waves and RF transceivers

Seamless Waves is a start-up specializing in the design and implementation of reconfigurable RF transceivers.

Semron and AI solutions

Semron is a start-up in the semiconductor business aiming to provide solutions for AI. Their work is supported by Cadence providing them our CloudBurst solution.

Equal1 and Quantum computing

Equal1 is a start-up from the field of Quantum computing aiming to apply this to AI.

Solutions for Innovators

The Cadence Academic Network has lowered the barriers for start-ups to turn their great ideas into reality and design proof-of-concept prototypes. The Incubator Program can provide the tools you need to commercialize your design, or partner with us to create a customized solution to take your research to the next level! Read about the other innovators who have taken advantage of our customize solutions.



has set out to deliver an inexpensive, high-performing single-chip RFIC for digital beamforming, including front-end and antenna array, to be used in any device including mobile phones and IoT devices.



(formerly aiCTX) is a leading-edge neuromorphic computing company. It provides dedicated mixed-signal neuromorphic processors that overcome the limitations of legacy von Neumann computers to provide an unprecedented combination of ultra-low power consumption and low-latency performance. Its real-time signal processing and AI edge computing solutions are widely used in smart home, intelligent robot, smart surveillance, and similar applications. Since inception, SynSense has received several grants from the European H2020, and investments from Baidu Ventures, CTC Capital, etc. SynSense is expanding its global footprint, with its Operating HQ in Chengdu, China; Advanced R&D Centre in Zurich, Switzerland; and IC Design Centre in Shanghai, China.


is a cutting-edge biologically inspired sensing company. It provides novel hybrid vision sensor IC and IPs specifically suitable for computer vision/ artificial intelligence. AlpsenTek combines traditional image sensor technology and the next-generation biometric vison sensing technology. It enables partners and customers to customize their applications with more flexibility and economy in markets like smartphones, PCs, internet of things, surveillance and robotics, etc. Since its foundation, AlpsenTek has received funding from Lenovo, CASSTAR, etc. and is working with major foundries. With branches and R&D centers in Zurich, Shenzhen, and Beijing, AlpsenTek can provide prompt support for the partners and customers in China and Europe.


was founded in the end of 2018 as an INRIA and University of Montpellier spinoff and focuses on designing, developing, and commercializing Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMD). Based on more than 20 years of research, we are developing a new generation of AIMD designed to bring innovative solutions to several families of severe functional deficiencies without any current therapeutic solution. Our expertise in electro-physiology and function physiology led us to an innovative and protected approach of implantable medical devices that resulted in the development of a patented generic technological solution for neural stimulation, allowing us to target different pathologies. The technology developed by Neurinnov allows selective neural electrical stimulation and will be first put to use to treat quadriplegic patients by restoring hand functionality to provide autonomy through our first product, HandyGrasp. In the context of our research and development efforts, we use Cadence design software for the design and verification of analog and digital ICs that are key components of our implantable neurostimulation architecture.

MaxWell Biosystems

provides high-content electrophysiology platforms. The MaxOne (single-well) and MaxTwo (multi-well) high-density microelectrode array (HD-MEA) systems allow label-free recording and stimulation of every active cell on a dish at unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution, facilitating the detailed investigation of cells. The powerful MaxLab Live all-in-one software enables live visualization, recording, and analysis of extracellular HD-MEA signals from different biological preparations such as iPSC-derived neurons, organoids, retina, or brain slices. MaxWell Biosystems’ solutions will advance scientific breakthroughs and accelerate drug discovery. Every cell has a story to tell. MaxWell Biosystems aims to equip everyone with tools to easily observe, track, and discover cells’ functionality, health, maturity, and response to compounds.


aspires to become the benchmark platform for longevity and preventative medicine by providing real-time biomarker and drug analysis to empower clinicians and patients, as well as healthy individuals in making more informed, timely decisions and increase the safety and efficacy of medical treatments. It has developed the world’s first data generation platform to perform spectroscopic measurements of a wide range of biomarkers and drugs in blood. It envisions a future where human blood can be continuously measured with an implant (based on ICs that are designed with Cadence tools) and become state-of-the-art to living a healthier and longer life, detecting diseases earlier, and helping to improve and personalize medical treatments. In the short term, Spiden intends to work with established industry players and create blood monitoring technology that can improve the safety and efficacy of treatments of the critically ill in clinical settings.

Spiden was founded in Switzerland in 2017. The company has recruited an R&D team comprised of biophotonics experts, opto-mechanical engineers, data scientists, artificial intelligence experts and electronics engineers working out of its headquarter in Pfäffikon SZ.

Quantum Motion

is developing a revolutionary technology platform; not just a qubit, but a scalable array of qubits based on the ubiquitous silicon technology already used to manufacture the chips in smartphones and computers. The company is developing fault-tolerant quantum computing architectures that are compatible with the CMOS process. Fault-tolerant quantum processors will support the most powerful quantum algorithms, targeting solutions to currently intractable problems in fields as diverse as chemistry, medicine, and artificial intelligence.

ANAFLASH is developing a brain inspired processor for edge AI devices. The processor is highly energy efficient and easily scalable because of its proprietary computing-in-memory architecture deployed in a standard logic process.

Cadence empowered us to conduct this innovative development through their start-up Incubator Program which provides access to industry-leading EDA tools and systems. We used the Cadence CloudBurst Platform in order to access the tools in a remote, secure, cloud-based design environment. This enabled us to work remotely on the most advanced technology from any place, seamlessly.

Seung-Hwan Song

CEO and Co-Founder, ANAFLASH Inc.

With the full suite of Cadence tools available, we have the complete set of tools for making a proof of concept prototype. We use Cadence tools and licenses on the Lund University’s secure, cloud-based, Hosted Chamber, which we find to be convenient and highly reliable compared to hosting it locally.

The Cadence Incubator Program has been very successful for BeammWave, and we’re happy to be able to innovate using the great tools from Cadence in a cloud-based environment.

Stefan Svedberg

CEO of BeammWave

The Cadence Incubator Program helps us achieve one of our current goals: design and develop a full technological platform that prefigures the upcoming implantable medical device ecosystem and allows the validation of the scientific and technological concepts on which it relies.

We get access to a wide range of software tools for the development of analog and digital blocks at a flexible and affordable price for a cost-aware startup in the early stages of funding. In the scope of the Cadence Incubator Program program we have been able to perform an initial MPW run of our design that allowed us to validate the main concepts involved; we are now preparing a second MPW run, which will bring us one step closer to the final IC and global architecture!

David Andreu

CTO, Neurinnov

Quantum Motion has benefited tremendously from the Cadence Incubator program. We have used it to provide a low cost way to design prototype ICs for fabrication to prove the concept of our silicon-based quantum processor. Fabricating devices using industry standard tools was a key part in us demonstrating company maturity and attracting venture capital funding to allow us to grow. We continue to work with Cadence tools to further develop our silicon based quantum computer and ultimately bring our designs to market.

James Palles-Dimmock

Commercial Director, Quantum Motion

Through the Incubator program, we get access to the tools and licenses that AlpsenTek needs to develop our prototype. We are offered these innovative tools at startup friendly prices, which gives us even more flexibility in launching our company. We hope this program will continue to help more and more startups like us!

Jian Deng

CEO and Founder, AlpsenTek

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