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Please note that this software is provided "as is" without any warranties whatsoever. Cadence is under no obligation to maintain or support this software. In particular, you may not obtain support for this software by contacting Cadence Support.

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License Agreement

You may copy, install, use, modify and create derivative works of OPEN SOURCE CADENCE SQUEAK PACKAGES "Changed Software" and distribute and sublicense such Changed Software, provided however, that if the Changed Software contains modifications, overwrites, replacements, deletions, additions, or ports to new platforms of: (1) the methods of existing classes objects or their existing relationships, or (2) any part of the virtual machine, then for so long as the Changed Software is distributed or sublicensed to others, such modified, overwritten, replaced, deleted, added and ported portions of the Changed Software must be made publicly available, preferably by means of download from a website, at no charge under the terms of a license that makes no representations or warranties on behalf of any third party, is no less protective of CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEMS and its licensors, and contains the terms set forth in this license.

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