Key Benefits

Create with Cadence and invest in the future. Cadence is your proven partner for 5G, AI, and Machine Learning designs.

Expert SoC Design and Verification

Develop and maintain advanced SoC design and verification expertise

Project Management

Manage long SoC development schedules and minimize the risk of re-spins

HW / SW Integration

Address software integration challenges and time

Chip / Package / Board Design

Analyze multi-fabric chip/package/board designs

DMEA Supplier Accredited in IC Design

Cadence is a supplier with Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) accreditation in integrated circuit design


Cadence is the leader and your trusted partner to help you design electronic systems that are future-proofed, on budget, on schedule, sustainable, and modernizable.

First-pass success for future-proofed electronics. Our portfolio includes:

  • Cadence is supplier with Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) accreditation in integrated circuit design
  • Proven ASIC/SoC design tools for high-sensitive programs at all process nodes, including advanced nodes
  • Real-world modeling of phenomena such as external aerodynamics, propulsion, incompressible flows, and turbulence modeling, with our expert-defined CFD software
  • comprehensive flow for FPGA designs to improve quality and time to FPGA signoff

  • Verification suite that accelerates the design process with over 20 use models for verification and analysis

  • Verification IP to speed industry-standard compliance testing

  • Design IP proven in silicon, from small blocks to complex interfaces and configurable processors

  • Services team to assist in the design process, with experience in ITAR and other sensitive programs

  • Broad and deep ecosystem of partners for broader solution platforms

  • Professional education and training for all aspects of electronics system design to help augment and raise your team’s capabilities and reduce risk

  • Expert response to technical issues for the complete suite of Cadence® products around the world


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