Advanced configurator for fast VIP bring-up and connectivity to any IP or SoC testbench.

Fast VIP configuration

VIP configuration can be time consuming, especially for first-time users. To make this step easy and efficient, Pureview is a tool with graphical user interface which creates a VIP configuration file just by ticking the relevant options and filling in design timing parameters. With Pureview, users can configure VIP functionalities, timing parameters and interface in a structural manner.

VIP Configurator screenshot

Validate configuration

Pureview allows the user to validate defined configuration to ensure that it is aligned with the interface specification and with coherent parameters. To prevent VIP configuration debugging during run-time of parameters which are not aligned with the standard specification or VIP coherency, Pureview validates the defined configuration by a simple push-button.

Support all testbench languages

Pureview creates the debugged configuration file in the right format to fit user’s testbench language, whether it is in SV UVM, Pure SV, SystemC, e, Verilog, VHDK, or any other verification languages. For SV UVM testbenches, a UVM Config file is created to be simply added in the testbench import. Otherwise, a SOMA (Specification of My Architecture) file format which describes the configuration of the VIP is created to fit all other testbench languages.

Predefined Memory Vendor configuration is the world's largest and most complete information resource for semiconductor memory. Maintained by Cadence in cooperation with its memory vendor partners, the eMemory infrastructure includes a fully searchable database of datasheets, specifications and simulation models for more than 25,000 memory components, including new and emerging DRAM, Flash, and Flash Card devices. Each Predefined Memory Vendor configuration file downloaded from is viewable and editable in Pureview.