The Cadence® RapidCheck IP Validator, a Verification IP (VIP) add-on, helps IP or SoC developers to jump-start verification of their designs by providing a ready-to-use test suite targeting the key areas of the specification.

Intended for Rapid integration and bring-up – test suite is up and running in one day!

TripleCheck Test Suite diagram

Customized testsuite to boost your VIP integration and IP bring-up

Comprehensive Test suite for Fast Bring-up

The SV UVM tests are unencrypted and provide a basic test suite for major protocol features. These tests are unencrypted and can be leveraged to create more tests using a shareware.

Automatic filtering per-user configuration

Once an SV UVM VIP environment runs, the RapidCheck tests will be filtered and customized automatically per the configuration file. Only the relevant test per Design configuration will be applying.

Pass/Fail Report

RapidCheck provides clear metrics to measure the results of the tests with a pass/fail report.