Jasper Formal Verification at the C/C++ Level

The use of complex algorithms, written in C, C++, or SystemC®, is expanding as customer develop applications that are algorithm-centric and datapath-heavy, such as AI/ML, graphics, image processing, and encryption. The Cadence® Jasper™ C Apps enable you to verify that your design implementation fully matches the C/C++ specification.

Jasper C2RTL App for C/C++ to RTL Equivalence Checking

Ensuring that the RTL designs correctly implement the C++ algorithmic intent in every circumstance is difficult to achieve with conventional verification. Sequential equivalence checking is a valuable method for datapath verification. The Jasper C2RTL App is optimized for checking pipelined datapaths versus their C/C++ algorithmic specifications.

  • 100X performance improvements compared with general purpose formal engines
  • Supports latest C++ standards including ANSI C++ 17 to reduce manual recoding
  • Allows direct comparisons of C++ and RTL code traces and root-cause analysis