Cadence Verification

Cadence is committed to providing industry-leading bare metal compute, the fastest verification engines, and the smartest verification applications so you can find and fix the most bugs per dollar compute per day.

Cadence Verification diagram

Key Benefits

The fastest verification engines and applications to deliver unmatched verification throughput and productivity

Productivity and Throughput

Improves verification productivity and throughput and increases team collaboration, allowing users to find and fix the most bugs per dollar invested

Smart Verification

Provides smart verification management through automation, debug, tracking, management, and measurement of verification tasks across verification engines

Industry Standard

Supports a broad range of industry standards, third-party tools, and integration with our ecosystem partners, including Arm and Green Hills Software

Product Categories

Cadence verification is comprised of core engines and applications that increase design quality and throughput, fulfilling verification requirements for a wide variety of applications and vertical segments. 

Verified with Cadence

Learn how our customers use the Dynamic Duo to optimize workload distribution between verification, validation and pre-silicon software bring-up and adopt a shift-left methodology to accelerate their product development process.